What’s it Going to Take

What’s it going to take
For us to open our eyes
And see the humanity
Inside each other

What’s it going to take
To stop blaming other things
And realize how cruel
We are to each other

What’s it going to take
To get us to see
The incredible value
And purpose each life has

What’s it going to take
To stop all the fights
And give everyone a place
To stop and take a breath

What’s it going to take
For us to open our eyes
And see the humanity
Inside each other


This Guy

So, there’s this guy
And I need to tell you
What He says to me.
This guy, He says
His dad totally loves me
He says He loves me too
That He’s got a plan
And my life has value
And I know how crazy
That might sound, but
Everything inside me
Craves more of Him
More time with Him
More love from Him,
I crave it more than
Water on a hike
More than air
I crave more of Him
I bet if you got to know Him
You’d feel the same way too.
Have you met Him?
His name is Jesus

The Servant

The man bent down
And washed the dust
From the feet
Of all the guests
Using his own clothes
To dry off their feet
The guests moved on
Not giving the man
A second thought
As each they took
Their place at the table
The chairs all filled up
Except for the one
Reserved for the honored guest
Mutters went around
Questioning where
Was the man they
Gathered to honor
As they all looked around
The man who
Washed their feet
Entered and walked
Over to the table
One guest called out
“Servant, has he arrived?
The man, the guest of honor?”
The man who washed their feet
Smiled and gave a nod
And he took his place
Sitting at the table.
The host stood
And faced all the guests
He put a hand on the shoulder
Of the man who
Washed their feet
And then he said,
“Have you all met Jesus?”

Ice, Slime, and Banana Peels

Some days feel like
While I was sleeping
Someone came along
And covered every step
I’m about to take with
Ice, slime, and banana peels
Days it’s like I can’t
Take a step without
Slipping and sliding
Into a really nasty mess
Those are the days
I want to crawl back
Into my bed and pull
The covers up over my head
But life doesn’t let me
Get away with that
If I try to hide in bed
There’s no amount of time
Long enough for
All the slime and all the junk
To get cleaned up
It all waits for me
And the only thing
I can really do
On those crazy days
Is learn to slide and survive
Until my life takes me past
The crazy path covered
In ice, slime, and banana peels

Ecc 4:9, 9:4


Hurt strikes unexpected
Makes me feel isolated
Drives me inside my own head
Until I get stuck
Swirling in my own thoughts

I feel broken
Like I’m losing my mind
Oh God, I need Your help
I feel so alone
Am I the only one?

In power and authority
With healing in His hands
He reaches in and pulls me out
From drowning inside the vortex
Of my own dragging thoughts