We have a society
Saturated in religious symbology
That’s lost most
Of its meaning
It’s missing the key part:
That is what Christianity is about
It’s about God making us
Because He loves us
Plenty of human lips flap
With words that are
Judgmental and condemning
The words fall on ears
Saturated by other words
To the point they
No longer hear
What’s said, they shut off
And when the truth of
God’s incredible love
Finally pierces all the noise
The ears can no longer hear
Well, if you can hear me
I want to tell you
About a life with
A different kind of saturation
A life fully marinated
In the love of God
We were made to be vessels
Filled to overflowing
By God’s unceasing love
That’s the life I have
And it’s available to you
To everyone who wants
To live a life saturated
By the Creator’s love


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