Ice, Slime, and Banana Peels

Some days feel like
While I was sleeping
Someone came along
And covered every step
I’m about to take with
Ice, slime, and banana peels
Days it’s like I can’t
Take a step without
Slipping and sliding
Into a really nasty mess
Those are the days
I want to crawl back
Into my bed and pull
The covers up over my head
But life doesn’t let me
Get away with that
If I try to hide in bed
There’s no amount of time
Long enough for
All the slime and all the junk
To get cleaned up
It all waits for me
And the only thing
I can really do
On those crazy days
Is learn to slide and survive
Until my life takes me past
The crazy path covered
In ice, slime, and banana peels

Ecc 4:9, 9:4


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