Dearest Church

If we were to stop
Or ridiculous bickering
And really live the message
That first brought
Each one of us
Into the presence of God,
How would that change
The entire world?
Would it keep
Angry, evil folks
From destroying,
And killing in the name
Of our God?
Probably not one bit
But maybe just one
More person would see
The truth in our God’s love
And not become
Deluded by anger and hate
And think it’s okay
To judge and destroy
And would open their eyes
And act in the kind of love
That drew us all to God
In the first place
Dearest church,
I want to live
In that world
Let’s start the new year
By making that world


In Such a Way

Lord, let me live in such a way
That when the time comes
For my soul to part ways
With the flesh it’s called home
For all my breathing days
Let me have lived
A life that fully brings
Glory to You and Your love
To my fellow human beings
Let me live in such a way
That I have no regrets
That Your plans are fulfilled
That Your love is clear
That Your light shines
Let that way, in Your way

What a Surprise

What a surprise it was
When God decided
To save the who world
By sending His Son
To the Earth as a baby
Born into poor family
In an obscure village
Raised as a tradesman
Who became a teacher
And spoke of radical love
All to be a sacrifice
Murdered to save the world
To fulfill the law of Moses
All the time upholding it
And kind of breaking it
What a surprise
That the whole world
Was saved by a tiny baby

Who You Are

Don’t ever be afraid
To be who you are
The detailed person
Gifted with skills
Others don’t understand
When they tease you
And make malicious,
Snide remarks
Designed to make you
Feel small, insignificant,
It hurts really bad
Don’t let their insecurity
And supreme jealousy
Ever stop you from
Being who you are
Or stop you from
Using your gifts to bless
Those around you
You are skilled,
Talented and well practiced
And completely amazing
At being who you are

Where God Is

Many ask where God is
During the tragedies and
Natural disasters that
Keep ravaging our world

There are many
Who say He must be dead
Or He wouldn’t let
All of this happen

These are the same many
Who expected a Savior
To storm in and be born
A baby who message was peace

My answer is that God is here
Waiting for us to see Him
Patiently waiting for the time
In His plan when He ends it