My Name

My name is written down
By the hand that
Formed the Earth
My name is on the lips
That spoke the
World into existence
My name is on
A placard at the table
The Creator set up in Heaven
My name is known
To the God
Of then entire universe

My Truth

My truth is set firmly
On the one thing
That does not change

Even the rocks,
Which sometimes quake
Are less firmly set

Built upon the Changeless One
The Firmest, Most Solid One
My truth is set in Jesus

Infinite Combinations

DNA is what tells
Our bodies how to grow
How to hold together
And makes us genetically human
It tells every finger to grow
And to wrinkle in the womb
That’s how we get
Our fingerprints
They form before we’re born
A unique on for each
Individual finger
For each individual person
No pattern repeats
In prints or DNA
We are each unique
In the infinite potential
Combinations possible
By our smallest parts

Scooped Up

Scooped up, held
Where I don’t belong
Invited to be pardoned
For every single wrong
I have ever committed
It’s grace I cannot earn
Offered without cost
By God Who calls my name
Held tight in His arms
He holds me up
And calls me His
Forgiven completely
Released from punishment
It’s a full pardon
From all the wrong I’ve done
If never knew
What love was
I know what it’s is now
Scooped up, held
Where I don’t belong
In the hands, in the arms
Of my forgiving God

No Accident

This time and place
Are where you are
Designed to be
It’s no accident
You are who you are
You were made to be you
And you are enough
Uniquely you, you are perfect
To be who you are
You are the only you
This world will ever get
You are enough
You are beautiful
You are loved
It’s no accident
This time and place
Are where you are
Designed to be
It’s no accident
You are who you are

Balance and Moderation

God is the one place
In my life where
Moderation makes no sense
The only balance between
Time with God and time
For me that works is if
I don’t balance anything at all
And spend all my time with God
God refuses to be scheduled
He never leaves me alone
And never once have I
Ever been able to get Him
To agree to a schedule
None of this works
Not even a little because
No matter what I do,
God is in charge
God is faithful
He never leaves me
He never lets me go
The only way to balance
In to jump right in
With both feet and
Let God do His thing
Without moderation