Lost Urgency

Have we lost the knowledge
Of what it means
To urgently need something?
We say we’re starving,
But, then complain
About the food on the plate
We say we’re freezing
And turn up the heater,
Put on more clothes,
Add a blanket to the pile
We didn’t have to go
Chop firewood in the snow
Or knit more warm things
We’ve started calling
Inconvenient things needs
It’s really no wonder
People don’t feel
The hunger for Christ
They’re so lost in
Distractions that they
Don’t even know what it is
That feels like it’s missing
Must be an app or a mod
The new one will make
Them happy, give purpose
Hasn’t anyone stopped to ask
Why we feel achieving
Another goal will bring
Meaning to when the last
Thousand accomplishments didn’t?
It’s not the accomplishment
It’s the need to be significant
To be more than anonymous
That drive is hard wired
Into all of us by the One
Who created us to drive us
Into His arms. It’s God.
But, we’re distracted
We’ve confused want with need
And all that noise, that static
Leaves us content to play
With the shiny box
And not open it to find
The gift inside
Let me urge you
Open the box!
The gift is something
We all urgently need
Even if we’ve forgotten
What true urgency means

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