The Footprints on the Wall

There are footprints on the wall
Of the church sanctuary
Twenty feet up the side
And they don’t belong to a teen
Or a kid or a college student
The footprints on the wall
Belong to Pastor Tom
From his final sermon
As our Senior Pastor
Those are his footprints
High up on the wall
And his mark on this church
Will last long after the footprints
On the wall fade away




Gruff exteriors, stone hard hearts
Toughened skin all seem
Like hard obstacles
For God to penetrate, but
Just drops of water
Freezing over night
Carves mountainsides,
So too, God works on
Even the hardest heart
Waiting for an opening
For out of nothing more
Than a crack a tree can grow
The same holds for a heart
The smallest chip can
Shatter the outer hardness
And for that single reason
We should never give up
On anyone, no matter how
Hard things seem

The Body

We are the body of Christ
Just as we are each made
Of thirty-seven trillion cells,
So, Christ’s body is also
Made up of each of us
Like cells, we each are unique
And designed to do
A specific job in concert
With one another
And the body functions
We are one body
With Christ as both
Our head and our heart,
We can do anything


Calling my fellow followers
Of the Lord Jesus Christ
We who are called by His Name
Who are called Christians
We’ve got our focus off
We have for a long time
Have I lost anyone,
Or confused and made
Anyone angry, read on
It gets better real fast
We’ve been so focused
On sin that we forgot
Jesus died to give us life,
Not to tell us we’re wrong
To give us the chance
To live a life with God
We’ve focused on
The symptom of
Separation from God,
Instead of focusing on
The life we have with God
Because of Jesus

At the Heart

At the heart of every matter
Is the very central thing
It’s a four letter word
That causes most to swear
Just four measly letters
Don’t begin to describe
What love really is
At the heart of it,
Love is more than just
A passing emotion
Or an action taken
Love is greater,
Bigger than that
It makes us get up
And move mountains
For things that just
Don’t make any sense
Until we say, love moved us
Love moves, it binds
It hurts more than pain
And I would trade
One single moment
For a thousand years more
Live without love
Because at the heart
Of what matters
Without love,
None of it means anything