Keep it Together

Desperately trying to
Keep it together
Trying not to admit
That everything is wrong
How am I ever going to
Survive this huge crisis
It’s more than I can take
How will I get
Through this pain?
The answer is crazy
I have to let go
Can’t keep it all in
It’s more than I
Could possibly ever handle
The only way to
Keep me together
Is to let go
Give this pain and shame
Up to God and
Let Him deal with it
I am only human
Not built to go it alone
To keep it together
I have to let go


Over Death

The disciples watched
All the blood run
Out of His body
They watched Him die
Laid His cold flesh
In a stone tomb
On the third day,
Still in shock,
They gathered together
And were blown away
When they thought
They were seeing a ghost
As they touched His hands
And felt His scars
They trembled an knew
Death couldn’t hold Jesus
Death wasn’t the end
Death couldn’t hold God
Because in the end
God has authority over all
Even over death
And He rose from the tomb
Back to life and
You can call me crazy
But, this I believe
With all my soul
Because God is alive
And He lives inside me

The Ultimate Healer

In a broken and hurting place
Vulnerable, torn apart
A Healer comes
He doesn’t use stitching
Or medication to ease the pain
That reaches down
To the roots of my soul
Flaying me open
The Healer uses methods
I can never understand
But I recognize them
He heals in the way
That leaves no scars
Leaves no trace of the injury
His healing is beyond complete
He is the Healer
The Ultimate Healer

My Only

God, You are my only
My foundation
My love, my guide
My hope, my strength
My peace and
My shelter through
Everything this world
Will ever throw at me
My partner every step
I take on this Earth
The One Who sets me apart
God, You are my only
My only standard
My only everything
All I am and all I have
Is built only on and in You
God, You are my only

My King

This scorched paradise
We live in and call Earth
It’s a place we are born
Home to humans
Home to human desires
And it’s not my home
Because I belong
To the Creator
The God Who made it all
Who spoke us into being
From dust He formed us
And He set out His plan
To send His Son
To offer a different home
A place by His side
In His kingdom
A place we call Heaven
And that’s why Jesus came
And why He was welcomed
As the King, because He is
With ultimate authority
Over all that was made
Especially the dust like me
He is my King
My home is with Him
And while I walk this Earth
I want others to see
That there is more beyond
The breaths we take here
In this scorched paradise
There is a place
By Jesus’ side
Waiting for each of us that
The Creator made from dust


If we don’t get up
And move in love,
The world falls apart
And we become liars
Because Christ teaches
That we aren’t stagnant
And that His love is bigger
Wider and beyond anything
We can ever understand
That is truth
I cannot deny
I don’t want to deny
And if we don’t get up
And move in love,
The world falls apart


Hungry, thirsty, broken down
Unloved and unloveable
By the standards of this world
None of that matters
When it comes to God
The wealthiest or poorest
Are invited to come in
To His kingdom as equals
God doesn’t care
How much you have or don’t
None of that matters to God
What you’ve done
Doesn’t matter the length
Of your rap sheet
Doesn’t matter to God
It’s no obstacle to His love
All who draw breath
Are invited to come and eat
At the table of the Lord
Where none will
Ever hunger or thirst
In the presence of God
And all are invited to come
Come and eat at His table