How do I put 20 years into words?
That’s my entire adult life
You presided over my wedding
You dedicated and baptized
Both of my daughters
You led me to find my ministry
Through ups and downs
Through crisis and laughter
You have been my shepherd
In your goofy, awkward way
It was perfect and blessed
Because you never made a fuss
Over how imperfect and broken
We all are and how much more
God’s love means to us
Because it’s only the sick
who need a doctor
And we’re all broken and loved
By our amazing Creator
And I feel broken as
I look to the future and
Having to Adult with a new pastor
One who doesn’t climb the walls
Or light the pulpit on fire
And it’s scary, but also not
Because I’ve had you,
I’ve been blessed
And where we both go,
God goes with us
And then, there’s Heaven


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