By Name

This journey takes all of me
At complete risk
Of rejection and injury
Bruises, scars and recklessly
Stepping out to follow
The God Who calls me
By my name and gives me
The title: Child of the King

The risk is huge
The price is high
The need is clear
The call is loud
With greater pull
Than gravity
To declare I call
Jesus my King

He calls me to love
With mercy and vulnerability
In a way that makes
No earthly sense
Stepping out to follow
The God Who calls me
By my name


Called Out

There are days when I know
God looks down at me
And I wonder if 
He shakes His head
As He reaches out
And tries to help me
Carry all the things
I keep packing on my shoulders
Stumbling under the weight
I could just reach out
And hand Him everything
But, I want to act like
I can handle it all
By myself, I don’t need help
But, that’s such a joke
I’m only human,
One single human being
And I am not made
To carry this huge load
Not by myself, but with help
It’s not a problem at all
If I would just let
God help me out
Honestly, it’s a wonder
God doesn’t give up on me
His patience outstrips mine
His love and endurance
Know no bounds
He waits until I remember
He’s standing with His hand out
Just waiting for me
To turn to Him and then,
He embraces me with his love
And holds me close
Because I call Him King
And He calls me daughter


Man, I’m telling you
This world is hard
If you stop and look
At all the crap
People do to each other
I don’t how anyone
Can ever smile without
The aide of medication
But, this is the same world
Jesus says He’s called
Us out of, that it’s not our home
And that’s why
I can’t hold in all the joy
I feel from my God
He calls to us
In this broken place
He calls us to love
He calls us to come
To make our home
With Him in paradise
And so in the place of fear
I dance and rejoice
With a joy that this world
Does not recognize
And does not understand
And it is a free gift
For any who would
Heed God’s call

My Identity

My identity is rooted
Inside Christ, the One
Who calls me Precious
Who whispers to my heart,
“I made you beautiful,
I made you unique,
I made you special,
I have a plan for you,
I gave you a purpose.”
That is where my identity
Is borne and rooted
That is where I keep me
And Who keeps me as me
Christ roots my identity

A Gift

That thing in my soul
That cries out at injustice
And rejoices when a true pastor
One called to speak
As a representative
Of the God Who made me
Stands us and speaks
With authority
About the things that matter
That thing in my soul
Is the Holy Spirit
Verifying that I’m
In the presence of God
That I’m in the presence
Of the authority of God
The same authority
With which He spoke
The world into being
Out of nothing
He spoke humanity
Into existence forming
Us out of dust
He also made
That thing in my soul
Is the greatest gift
I can never deserve
I can never earn
Like the place set aside for me
After my last breath
That is love
That is incredible
Beyond all measure

Generational Amnesia

We imagine dragons
And other fantasy characters
Born with knowledge,
An ancestral memory
Of lessons learned
By those gone before
Well, humans don’t have that
We’re all born brand new,
Little helpless babies
Blank slates ready to learn
With no inherited knowledge
We have ancestral amnesia
And unless we learn from others
We repeat the same mistakes
We mess up society
The way our parents
And grandparents did
If we’re ever to get past
These repeating wrongs
We have to work hard
To get everyone to overcome
Our generational amnesia