I Should be Scared

Am I crazy?
My church is hurting,
I should be terrified
About the future,
But I’m not even
The smallest bit scared
Am I a fool?
I don’t know the future,
But I never have before
So why should I treat
This situation differently?
People will leave the church
Because that happens
In situations like this
Change is so hard
But, God doesn’t change
And He’s the head of our church
So, our pastor may have retired,
But we never left God’s hands
Our main human is just changing
As long as the new human
Feeds us, we will do well
We are in the hands
Of the Creator
And I’m not crazy
I’m not a fool
I’m also not scared
God loves me
God loves us
We belong to God
The world holds nothing
That can change that
And I’m not scared
I’m in God’s hands


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