The Question

God designed humans
With flesh bodies that break
And souls tied to our flesh
For the time we draw breath
And in that time are to decide
If we will accept the gift
Of an eternal place for our souls
With God or apart from Him
When our flesh fails
This is the gospel
This is why Jesus was born and
Murdered on the cross
To allow us humans,
Beings of both
Flesh and spirit
To decide where we go
When the flesh fails
And the two divide
Without Jesus,
There is no way
For us to get
To eternity with God
That’s it. The whole thing
It’s about the simplest
And most complicated
Decision we will make
In our lives
I can only hope you’ll
Pick eternity with God
So we can hang out
With Him forever
I know my decision
I’m going with God
What about you?

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