Called Out

There are days when I know
God looks down at me
And I wonder if 
He shakes His head
As He reaches out
And tries to help me
Carry all the things
I keep packing on my shoulders
Stumbling under the weight
I could just reach out
And hand Him everything
But, I want to act like
I can handle it all
By myself, I don’t need help
But, that’s such a joke
I’m only human,
One single human being
And I am not made
To carry this huge load
Not by myself, but with help
It’s not a problem at all
If I would just let
God help me out
Honestly, it’s a wonder
God doesn’t give up on me
His patience outstrips mine
His love and endurance
Know no bounds
He waits until I remember
He’s standing with His hand out
Just waiting for me
To turn to Him and then,
He embraces me with his love
And holds me close
Because I call Him King
And He calls me daughter


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