The Plan

Before time existed
God spoke and formed
Our world
Out of nothing
Before history started
In a place where
Even the concept of blankness
Was yet to exist
God formed the universe
Was there a bang?
Did He evolve things?
Maybe, probably,
As much as humanity
Has investigated and
Dug into this whole
Question, this looks
Quite likely how He made it
Maybe not, I’m no scientist
I know what I do believe
That behind it all
However the universe formed
There is a designer
Who exists outside
Of all of creation
Outside of human measure
With a totally unhuman
View of all that goes on
And a love humanity
Can’t understand
And that’s a love for
Each one of us
And The Designer
I call God
Is the One who made me
And has a plan for me
I want to live that plan


God’s Word

His word, His breath
Are a sculptor tool
Flowing through me
Refining who I am
Culling away
What doesn’t belong
What was never meant
To be part of me
I am shaped
I am designed
I am who I was
Made to be
And even more so
When His word
Flows through me

Yosemite Thunderstorm

Shattering the stillness
Flashing in the night
A moment of light
Rumbling across the sky
Hair standing on end
Drumming against the earth
Echoing off the granite
Lighting the face of Half Dome
Pounding on the tent
Awakening the sleeping
With raw power
Invoking awe and amazement
And the kind of fear
That leaves me breathless
Listening and waiting
To every drop and rumble
Until the storm rolls past


Everyone needs to connect
To someone like them
Everyone needs to see
That they are not alone
Everyone struggles with
Something don’t know
How to handle
Everyone needs to know
They don’t struggle alone
They don’t fight their fight
Without others by their side
Without others struggling through
Just what they struggle with too
Everyone needs to know
That they are not alone

My King

This scorched paradise
We live in and call Earth
It’s a place we are born
Home to humans
Home to human desires
And it’s not my home
Because I belong
To the Creator
The God Who made it all
Who spoke us into being
From dust He formed us
And He set out His plan
To send His Son
To offer a different home
A place by His side
In His kingdom
A place we call Heaven
And that’s why Jesus came
And why He was welcomed
As the King, because He is
With ultimate authority
Over all that was made
Especially the dust like me
He is my King
My home is with Him
And while I walk this Earth
I want others to see
That there is more beyond
The breaths we take here
In this scorched paradise
There is a place
By Jesus’ side
Waiting for each of us that
The Creator made from dust