Classified, categorized,
All neat and packaged up
That’s how to organize
People groups and communities
But, really, that’s all
A steaming pile of crap
Hot out of an animal’s hind end
We’re not a load of labels
No single person
Is simple enough
To be defined
By a set of labels
Not even the word human
Is adequate to grip
The totality of society
Or touch on a single life
We are each unique,
We are each different
And yet, we are all
Very much the same
In our need for love,
For purpose and connection
To understand ourselves
And our world
And so, we slap labels
On one another
Until we forget that the label
Is really just a made up thing
A small bit of guesswork
Based on limited observation
And the only way to really
Truly define another
Is to tear away all the labels
Except for the one
That calls them friend
That calls them worthy
Of trusting with your time
With your heart, the one
That says loved
The label that bears
The person’s name
And shows that
Their only label
Is all of who they are

Not My Own

The passion that fills me
Is not my own
It’s not from a human source
That withers and grows old
Before all creation
Before the first day
God was and is
The source of all things
And outside the laws
He set to run nature
God remains the source
Not ruled by the rules
Outside of physics
And everything we
Humans have studied
To explain our world
The passion and love
And overwhelming joy
That fill me up
Are not my own
They come from God

Imperfect Vessel

I’m an imperfect vessel
I’m cracked and leaky
I wrestle with myself
And try to stand on my own
But the truth is,
I only wobble and fall
Without God holding me up
Without Jesus binding me together
I’m cracked and leaky
I wobble and fall
I’m broken and have holes
Gaping holes in me
And I’m scarred and scared
A lot of the time
And I am always
Completely loved
Held together,
And filled by my God
Just the way I am
A leaky, broken vessel


At the foot of the cross
Station doesn’t matter
Pride has no place
We all stand next to each other
Shoulder to shoulder
Status falls away
There is no more
Rich and poor
Healthy or ill
It is all washed away
And we are each
Simply a human
Created by God
Given free will
Which we used to choose
Forgiveness from Jesus
To accept His sacrifice
And be called
Children of God
Each loved and perfect
In the eyes of our Father

Brick By Brick

Brick by brick rebuilding
What has been knocked down
One at a time putting back
What was ruined
What was torn apart
Forming a new thing
Right before your eyes
Transforming the broken
Into something new
Brick by brick
The torn apart is whole again
And even though
It looks completely different
The repairs have
Made things stronger
Many hand built things up
Brick by brick
Side by side
Stronger than ever
Built up together
Brick by brick

Breathe Hope

Positive people who are
Pushing forward are
The ones you want to listen to
That breathe hope
And not division
That put their trust
In God and let Him lead
That is who you want
Around you, breathing out hope
Finding joy in the horror
Promise in the pain
Reason to get up
Out of the still burning ashes
And keep moving
With a hope and strength
With a love beyond
Human capability and capacity
A hope breathed
Out from God that makes
No sense to the human mind
Positive people who are
Pushing forward are
The ones you want to listen to
They breathe hope