The God of My Heart

The God of my heart
Is the God of Creation
Maker of all things
Lover of all He made
Beyond understanding
Opener of doors
Breaker of chains
Sovereign over all
He has made
This is the God of my heart
Who lives inside me
Calls me His own
Has written my name
In His Book of Life
He is my and ever
Will be my King,
The God of my heart


The Thief

Hidden, deceived
Lulled into a false
Sense of security
That is when it’s easiest
For the thief to come in
And take all he wants
Slipping in and out
In the darkness
Leaving no trace behind
Even better to make
You think you never
Had the thing he took
In the first place
Like it was never yours
And to think you had it
Well what’s it matter
Any way, it’s replaceable
As everything in society
Is these days


When the Holy Spirit
Pushes on my heart
There are light nudges
And full on pushes
And everything in between
Over the years since
I invited Jesus in
And the Holy Spirit
Moved into the place
Inside me that is
Just for Him
I’ve responded differently
Each time, but learned
The best thing I can do
Is move as soon
As I get nudged
Because I’ve seen
Crazy things
God has done
When I respond
To His nudge
Especially if I move
Before I have a chance
To let fear and doubt
Cloud my trust
Blinding me
To the doors God
Has standing open
Making the path clear
If I’ll just move
To His nudge

Rebellious Love

When love comes only
With requirements
And with conditions,
It’s love that does not
Satisfy the heart need
The soul pain
To be taken just
The way we are
Without the need
To give something in return
There’s a soul deep need
For a rebellious love
That cannot be earned
Of broken by human means
It’s a breathless, relentless
Desire greater than hunger
Or desperate thirst
All physical requirements aside
The need for rebellious love
Hurts more than pain
And we humans will do
Literally anything to fill
In that place that only
God’s relentless love
Can fill in a way
That rebels against what we
Have come to expect
For looking around
And seeing what the world
Teaches about love
Oh how I hunger
For that eternal
Rebellious love


Miracles are things
Far beyond human understanding
Far beyond human ability
Events that can’t be explained
That point to something
Greater, stronger, beyond
What man can do
And that is their purpose
To point to The One
Who is bigger
Who is greater
Who is beyond
All human abilities
All human knowledge
All human understanding
That is God