Words are great
Unless they stay words
Without moving,
Without action
The words fade
To nothingness
Couple words
With actions
And you have
Something that
Moves things
Add in prayer
And God
And wow
That is a recipe
I will follow



All of me belongs
Entirely to Jesus
All I say and
All that I do
I am His
I am here
And His glory
Is all that matters
His love
Clothes me
It feeds me
It holds me
It keeps me safe
From all things
I am His
He calls me
By name
All of me belongs
Entirely to Jesus

Radical Change

God promised a king
One that would lead
And change things radically
People waited for
A conqueror to come and
Change things with war
The world was completely
Unprepared for the baby
Who was born
Among the animals
Who came to change the world
And do so radically
But not as a soldier
He came to change with love
And He preached peace
And understanding
And great forgiveness
And utter mercy
Beyond what man
And that’s the Jesus
Who is Christ
Who we celebrate
Being born
On Christmas Day


Where I focus determines
What it is I see
If I look at only
Me I just see me
And I forget the
Whole world outside
If I only use my eye
I won’t ever see
Anything else
But what they see
That’s a limited focus
Keeping to one sense
Limited to my human eyes
When I want more
So I’ll turn my focus
Fix it on the One
Who made the whole world
Wrote entire story
I’ll focus on the Author
The Author of life
Because I want my focus
To only be on God

Ecc 4:9, 9:4

Half Full or Half Empty

It’s an old question,
Is the glass half full
Or is it half empty
It represents two
Points of view
Optimism or pessimism
Which view do you
Take and claim as yours?
How about a new
Way to look at this?
I’m thankful for the glass
To hold the water
I’m thankful for the water
To slake my thirst
I’m thankful for my thirst
Because it means I’m alive
I’m thankful for my life
Because I can make
An impact, a difference
I can be like the glass
That holds the water
And maybe people will see
The water level
To be debated
But water for the thirsty
Who need a drink

These Are Things

Fear, terror,
These are things
That stop me from
Doing what I could do
To make a difference
To follow what I know
In my heart I should do

Embarrassment, anxiety
These are things
That chain me up
Capturing ideas
In my mind, not
Letting them out for
Other people to see

Compassion, mercy
These are things
That push me out of
My place of comfort
They counter my fear
Freeing me from
What holds me back

Boldness, love
These are things
That drive me to do
What I can do to
Make a difference
To follow what I know
In my heart I should do