Deep Waters

Struggles like deep waters
Cover the Earth
Filling the low places
An Jesus is my Savior
The place I go
When the waters of struggle
Start to rise up
To pull me under
To smother me
That’s when God
Comes and takes my hand
And leads me
To walk on the water
It doesn’t matter
How high it rises
How deep the water gets
When we walk on it

This Image inspired by Pastor Bob Orr



Uncertainty that
Runs unchecked
Is a sure path that
Leads only one place
And that is to death
Indecision in the same way
Is a path that is like
Running in freeway traffic
It’s only a matter of time
Before the crash

A Religion Problem

We set up rituals
And require reverence
We make religion
About all these rules
And if we just follow,
We get the cheese
In the center of the maze
But, God is not cheese
And the world is a maze,
But when we really know God,
He lifts us out of the maze
And we no longer strive
For a stale piece of cheese
That is no good anymore
That’s what having
A relationship with God means
Not rules of how a distant
Exalted being says
We should do things
Or we die eternal death
A relationship with God
Means having a Daddy
Who knows us
Who loves us
Beyond all circumstances
Beyond rules and rituals
He just loves us
No matter what

Utter and Pure

I am a broken
Imperfect person
And I don’t deserve
The love God gives
That’s why He gives
It all with grace
Because what I deserve
He has used mercy to ignore
Forgiveness to heal
And grace to give me
Far more than I could
Ever begin to earn
Because He wants to
Because He loves us
God does what He does
He loves like He loves
With utter grace
And pure mercy
Taking my broken imperfection
And making it whole
Making me lovely
Making me beautiful
God does what He does
He loves like He loves
With utter grace
And pure mercy


A handhold on a tenuous place
Solid ground when the earth shakes
Shelter in the bitter cold
Coolness in blistering heat
Calm in a raging sea
A fortress in times of war
Safety in an uncertain place
Unchanging in shifting times
Water to the thirsty
Food to the starving
Friend to the lonely
Healer to the hurting
Laughter at times of joy
You are everything
You are constant
You are always there
Always with me
Thank You Lord
Thank You God