Change It Up

This world often mistakes
Weakness for strength
Places value upon
Things that do not last
It’s a misdirection
A bait and switch
A fake and then a pass
That often leaves us
Gasping for breath
Unsure which way is up
And which is down
This backwards way
Of thinking of valuing things
Ahead of people
Destroys and isolates
Each of us from each other
What we need to do
Is change it all up
See vulnerability as strength
See value in people
See how much
Each one of us
Has to offer
And this whole world
Would be a different place

Tribute to SLOStringer 

A flame burned bright
It flared and burned out
Far too soon
A life lived to its full
Taken long before
Any of us were ready
He will be missed
He will be remembered
He will be honored
Rest now in peace
Thank you for your service
Matthew Frank

To Your Glory

I am made to bring You glory
The enemy will do anything
To shut me down, muzzle me
Keep me from telling everyone
How amazing and incredible
You are, my God and King
But I won’t shut up
And I won’t back down
I won’t fold in fear
Because You God,
You are the One
Who guards me
In front and from behind
Within and without
You guard me
You keep me safe
You surround me
With Your love
And protection
I have nothing to fear
I am safe in You
Safe to bring You glory


No matter how near
I draw to the Lord
There will always be
Twinges of things
Like jealousy and anger
Fear and anxiety
These things will be
Part of me until I die
These twinges left alone
Become tendencies
Become a thing that
Consumes who I am
Undealt with, they
Are my end
So I give all my twinges
To the Lord
To deal with
All these things
That try to consume me

Fear Knocked

Fear knocked on my heart today
He said he had an appointment
Said he was coming to stay
But oh the space he wanted
You see that space
Was already booked
And filled up by the God
Who loves with every breath
Fear knocked on my heart today
And when God opened up
He said, “You’re not welcome here”
And Fear had to move along

God Happened

My life was changed
My life is changed
All the time by
The One Who
Makes my heart
His home
Jesus is the One
Who makes the changes
The One Who loves
Beyond all understanding
My God happens
When there is
No explanation
For how a blessing
Came about
The truth is
My God happened
And nothing in the world
And nothing in life
Or beyond it
Can stop God
When God happens