Cloaked in camouflage
Dressed to blend in
Insidiously digging
Their claws slowly
Deeper into you
Until you can’t shake it
Until you can’t break it
These lies that whisper
How you aren’t enough
How you can never
Be okay because
You’re broken
Beyond repair
These hidden lies
We hold in the deepest
Darkest corners of us
The only way to
Pull it off these lies
Is to show them
God’s light
So He can show you
That He has healed you
And made you whole
Where the veiled liars
Can’t touch you


The power handed over
To the usurper feels
So incredibly strong
But that power never
Ever belonged to
The usurper at all
It belongs to the person
The usurper deceives
How much stronger
It feels to have yourself
Used against you
Your power stolen and
Used to enslave you
It’s the greatest lie
Ever told

Drop By Drop

With each drop of blood
Jesus shed for me
He healed my soul
And set me free
He took the pain
That I have earned
He took my full punishment
Drop by drop
He healed me
With His life
Jesus paid my price
He broke my chains
With every drop of blood
He shed on the cross
Thank You for saving me
Thank You for healing me
Thank You for knowing me
Jesus my King

Ecc 4:9, 9:4


You are beautiful
You are created
In the image of God
You are the work
Of His hands
He doesn’t do
A crappy job
With anything He makes
With anyone He
Considers worth the life
And pouring out
Of the entirety of the blood
Of His only Son
I pray that He will
Open your eyes
So you can see
How beautiful you are
Oh child of God
I pray that He heals
That damaged view
Lies and other people
Have hurt into your head
I pray His healing
So you can see
Who you are

Fear Slide

Slick like it’s greased
A slide that takes
Us to our knees
Steals our feet
Out from under us
Slick as a slide
That takes our breath
Fear is a crushing thing
A slippery slide
That lands us
Face down in the mud
Covered in stocky
Clinging fear
Fear that won’t let go
It’s a slide that turns
Into an avalanche
So fast there isn’t time
To cry for help
There’s a gasp maybe
As it steals our breath
We slide away into its inky depths
It’s a slide that only
Help can pull us out of
Help reaching out a hand
To save us from the slide


The liar sneaks around
Whispering things
That almost make sense
Just enough to cause
Utter discord and
Disruption to our lives
The liar wants us
In pain, off balance
Not focused on God
Who shines His light
In all the dark corners
Binding the darkness
Casting it away
Where it has no power