Preexisting Condition

I’ve lied, I’ve been rude
Meanness has totally
Been a thing with me
I’ve been hurt, shattered
Utterly broken and felt
Not good enough
For anyone to love
I’ve been sure I was useless
Been lonely, wished
Desperately for someone
Anyone to just see me
It’s the state of existence
Our existing condition
Of isolating loneliness
A preexisting condition that
Most of humanity knows
What I want to tell you
Is that there is a place to go
Accepting all preexisting
Condition no matter what it is
You and me, we are welcome
In the open arms of Jesus
There’s no referral needed
He just loves us as we are
Tired and feeling broken
He takes us and meets us
In the place we live
House calls are totally His thing
There’s no denial
For any reason
To anyone who invites
Him in to their life
No matter what
No matter where or when
Jesus loves through every single
Preexisting condition


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