Building Treasure

What treasure will you build
What has value for you
Do you follow the world
Or something that contrasts
To the pursuit
Of wealth and treasure
We value treasure
Like a precious thing
Gold and gems and silver
Fashioned and placed
In a special setting
But to God Who made Heaven
And prepares a place for me
Gold is what He uses
Just to pave the streets
Value in human terms
Is not a thing
That has a place in Heaven
In God’s eternity
The things He place
His value on
Are each and every
One of us who
Have a heart that beats
What treasure will you build



Life often feels
Broken apart like glass
Shattered into shards
The real truth is
That life comes in pieces
With poking out things
And cuts scooped out
With edges shaped
To fit together just so
They’re all puzzle pieces
Fitting together in one way
Smoothed edges perfected
Honed to interlock
In a way that when
Life is over,
The puzzle’s finished
The picture is complete
Just the way
God intended
When He’s the one
Who puts all the pieces
Into place

Your Fragrance

When I walk in Your footsteps
It’s Your fragrance, Oh Lord
That billows up, surrounding me
A cloud of Your presence
Clinging to me, filling up
My head with the beauty
Of Your fragrance, a scent
Unlike any other I have ever known
Like Your love and grace
Your presence and mercy
That falls on me a blanket
Of unfathomable peace
A place where I have no cares
Where I am whole and safe
In Your presence, in Your footsteps
I will walk and let
Your peace fill me,
Your fragrance surround me


As kids we ran and played
Pretended and tried things out
We kept what belonged
In our lives and the rest
Fell away unnoticed
We became who we are
By all that we did
Or what was done to us
As young adults, we went
On a hunt to find ourselves
And learn, by testing
Who our childhood had made
It sometimes works and
Other times becomes
A search that never really ends
For those of us who know
Exactly who we are
Sometimes life still swallows up
That identity and we need
A reminder of who we are
And where we’ve come from
Those reminders come at
Unexpected times and echo down
Deep into our souls
Resonating with what we know
But have forgotten
Or buried deep inside
Under all the crud that
Piles up in life
No matter how assured
Or how secure we are
There will come a time
When we look around and need
To be reminded of who we are

Loved, Healed, Yours

The heat boils around me
Pressing in like the weight
Of all that I need to do
The burdens I can’t keep
Carrying for the weight
Is breaking my spine
Bowing me before
Age has had time to
Take its toll
You come rushing in
Lord Jesus, like a cool wind
You take the weight
Off of my shoulders
You heal the pain
That has stooped me
At a young age
You lift my head
And lead me in a life
Free from the weight
Of guilt and shame
You take their weight
You take the chains
That bind them to me
And you break them
Into a million pieces
Shattering my pain
Like it had shattered me
You lift my head
And teach me to walk
Upright again
Loved, healed, Yours

My Father

My Father is the greatest
He leads me through life
Holding me when I hurt
He never stops loving me
No matter how bad I mess up
He’s always there for
Every celebration
For every triumph
My Father is my God
Who lives beyond this
World can ever understand
Heavenly Father,
Happy Father’s Day
I love you, Daddy

Conditioned Response

All our lives, we learn
We grow and make habits
Until we’re conditioned
To respond in the way
We’ve made our usual way
Lord God, retrain me
To respond to all things
In Your way, with Your love
Make You my only
Conditioned response
Break the habits
I have made for me
That push You away
Putting distance
Between us, weighing me
Down with burdens
I’m not meant to carry
Make You and Your love
Bringing You glory my only
Conditioned response