As kids we ran and played
Pretended and tried things out
We kept what belonged
In our lives and the rest
Fell away unnoticed
We became who we are
By all that we did
Or what was done to us
As young adults, we went
On a hunt to find ourselves
And learn, by testing
Who our childhood had made
It sometimes works and
Other times becomes
A search that never really ends
For those of us who know
Exactly who we are
Sometimes life still swallows up
That identity and we need
A reminder of who we are
And where we’ve come from
Those reminders come at
Unexpected times and echo down
Deep into our souls
Resonating with what we know
But have forgotten
Or buried deep inside
Under all the crud that
Piles up in life
No matter how assured
Or how secure we are
There will come a time
When we look around and need
To be reminded of who we are


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