Calling Out the Lies

The lies in my head
Like claws hook in and drag
Drag at me weighing me down
They me to stop
To not follow through
On the journey
God’s taking me through
I can’t run from my own head
I can’t get away from
The worst things
I think about me
And they are exaggerations
And they are dark lies
The only way to break free
Is to cry out to God
For His almighty help to
Calling out the lies
In my own head
Telling them they’re wrong
Shining a light on
Their dark words
Breaking apart
The deep untruth
Of guilt and shame
That doesn’t belong to me
But is a tool
That is the favorite
Of my enemy
He worms in whispering
The things that shake
The inside of me
Make me quake and hide
For the God Who lives
Inside of my heart
So I won’t bring Him glory
So I cower and cry out
For the help that I need
To the God in my heart
Who loves me through everything
He calls out the lies
Breaks them apart
Heals the hurt
That gave them dirt
In which to grow
In the darkness of my head
He calls them out
And leaves me free from the lies


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