It’s a Love

Love beyond understanding
Driving out all fear
Love that beats
Like a heart pumping
And burns like fire
Flowing through my soul
This love is huge
I can’t describe it
No matter how hard I try
It’s a love beyond
Human thinking
That doesn’t conform
To what this world supplies
It’s love without conditions
It’s love full of compassion
A love that never dies
It’s a love freely given
That can’t be measured
That is impossible to contain
It’s the love that comes
Only from God
It’s His love that fills me
That takes my breath
That enfolds me and holds me
Like a child growing in the womb
Fully feeding me
My every need met
My warmth and safety cared for
That’s the love
This love from God
It’s a love I have
It’s a love I crave
It’s a love I cannot describe
It’s God and all He’s done for me
Beyond imagining
That’s the love


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