Before I drew breath
You knew me Lord
You knew me as I formed
This body that houses me
You knew me then
You know me now
As age has reshaped
The body I am in
And the me You walk with
When my breath
Comes short from
The inflictions of life
I drop to my knees
And pitch forward
Onto my face
And I know, deeply know
That I am with You
Because You knew me
Before I drew breath
For that, gratitude soars
Through my heart
And through my soul
Even when I don’t
Have the strength
To get off my knees,
To expand my lung,
The strength to breathe
That’s when Your breath
Is all that sustains me


Pressure pushes in
Friction heats things up
And everything realigns
That’s how diamonds form

Stress pushed in
Friction heats things up
Cracks form in us
That’s how people reform

In those times the world
Hurts too much, breaking me
Pressing in, heating up
I will go to safety

My safety lies in Jesus
He is the One Who shapes me
Reforms me when
The pressures come

He forms me when things heat up
He repairs my cracking self
He uses the stress
To make me a diamond

Not On My Own

I can handle it all
All on my own
That is such a crock
A giant self-told lie
That breeds loneliness
In comes vulnerability
Knowing I’m all alone
That’s where I see
I can’t function
On my own
I need help
I need something bigger
That can handle
All that I can’t
I can’t do life
All on my own
I need arms
To hold me
A safe place to go
When the rocks
Of life fly at me
And loneliness
Tries to crush me
I need someone
To carry in my heart
Who is always with me
No matter what
Stupid thing is say
Or crazy thing I do
And that is You
Jesus, You come with me
Through everything
Because I see
I can’t do this on my own
I need You
And You alone

I Belong

I belong to
The Holy One
Who calls my name
Who made me
Designed by His Hands
To bring Him praise
To glorify His name
Above all other names
He is my strength
He is my safe place
To stand when the world
Feels like it’s
Coming to an end
In the hardest times
In the best of times
I will find my place
At the foot of the throne
God’s holy throne of grace
Right where I belong


Heated and fired
Impurities burned until
They separate and rise
To the top to float
As slag at the surface
Where the things
That do not belong
Can all be scooped away
Removed from the real,
Pure essential thing
That is me
Just like refining gold
So God refines me
Scooping away the slag
That don’t belong in me


Sitting in a crowd of smiles
Is like being in a field of flowers
They are pretty and all that,
But that is nothing to keep
Loneliness from isolating me
From making the smiles
Feel like walls of happy
Gleaming teeth shining
Their sameness, their happiness
Into each other and
Walling me out
Singling me out
My flat expression
Only one mark of how
I don’t fit in
That is how lonely feels
Even in the happiest crowd
The pain of loneliness
Has but one cure
To connect beyond
The gleaming wall of smiles
To where all the emotions
Can honestly hang out
And know they are safe


For strength and health
Illness comes in and weakens
From time to time
And the body pulls in

Illness comes in and weakens
Attacking from inside
And the body pulls in
It roots out the weakness

Attacking from the inside
To fight off the invasion
It roots out the weakness
Rebuilds the damaged structures

To fight off the invasion
Clean out the broken things
Rebuilds the damaged structures
For strength and health