When All Seems Lost

Through the hardest
Through the deepest
Thought the toughest
Things of life

You bring blessing
You bring hope
You bring healing
When all seems lost

Lord God almighty
You are the keeper of the stars
All I am, all I have
I am Yours

Through everything
You bring great blessing
I can’t understand
All the things You do

In Your timing
You reveal Your hand
And all You’ve done
To bring me through

When all seems lost
You bring blessing
You bring hope
You bring healing



When we walk,
Fully in trust with God
We walk a life along
An impervious path
There is not one thing
That can come at us
That God didn’t make
That God can’t handle
That He’s never dealt with
Or never seen before
He can take it all
Because He made it
He Who has the power
To create all of creation
Cannot be bested by it
He has the power
To uncreate all that He’s made
It is by choice that He waits
Until the time that He promised
He would do all that He
Has said he would do
And it’s all been done
That’s when He’ll come

Too Much

It’s all too much
I can’t carry it
The weight and pain
Of all the things
That need fixing
It all undoes me
And so, I cling
To my Father
God brings me in
Holds me tight
I cling to Him
He runs everything
He holds me
In His arms
And I am His
And He is mine
The too much
Of this world
Dissolves when I
Hold tight to
My Father God

My God is Bigger

My God is bigger
Than the weight
Of this world
And all the pain
The sickness, the hurts
Riddling our human lives
My God is bigger
He is so much more
He can handle
All of the storms
He has us handled
He holds me tight
He is my strength
Always by my side
He carries me
And keeps me close
He is my God
He is my only hope
My God is bigger
Than all the things
In this world