Life Chafes

Sometimes life feels
Like I’m stuck in mud
Swimming through jello
While everyone else
Runs right on past me
I get trapped, fed up
With where I am
I want to charge ahead
Life chafes at me
But, I lean and trust
In the only One
Who can see ahead
Who knows the path
He’s taking me on
God I trust in You
Life’s chafing at me
It burns and rubs
All this waiting around
God I trust You
Disgruntled as I feel
In this time of waiting
Which is chafing at me
Be my balm against the sores
My shield against
Deadly comparisons
That steal my joy
That steal my breath
Make me feel a bit
Like I am worth less
Because I’m stuck here
While all the others move around
God, teach me to love
Exactly where I am
Because life is chafing at me



Lord, take my frustration
This little irritation
That keeps bugging me
I lay this frustration
That is undoing me
At the foot of Your cross
Lord please heal me
Fill the empty space
Only with Your peace
Lord, take my frustration
Please heal me

Safe Place

Life sometimes spins so fast
I don’t know what to do
I can’t possibly keep up
Nor can I make it stop
All I want is to be still
But question marks pull at me
Begging my attention
All I get is more dizzy
When up and down
Forward and back
Seem to lose all meaning
When life gets like that
It gets impossible to tell
With any human sense
What I am doing
I have no natural defense
Against the storming swirl
Of another life storm
And where I keep my eye,
What I focus on
Is where I will land
The the storm passes on
I will fix mine on God
The Only One
Who can calm the storm
Who can take me through
All the dizzy swirling
He is the only calm
In every storm
The only peace and quiet
When the world rages
The place where all the things
Fall far away
He is my calm, my strength
He is my always safe place

Present With Me

Your presence never leaves me
There is not a single breath
Not one beat of my heart
Passes without You there
Not a single hair falls
From my head
That You don’t mark
The place where it lays
There is not one thing
That You ever miss
My Lord and my God
You never leave
There isn’t a second
You’re away from me
I’m never alone
You are always
Present with me

He Came

He came to love
He came to live
He came for us
So that we could enter
Into a life
Filled with love
From Christ
Washed clean
In the sacrifice
Of His shed blood
He came to breathe
And be here on Earth
In flesh with us
Walking in the dust
All so we would see
He knows what
We struggle with
From day to day
Because Jesus came
To love us
He came to live
He came for us
To enter into life
And be with us
Filling every step
With His love
By our sides
That’s why He came