I Will Stray

I belong to Jesus
I carry Him in my heart
He is always with me
Which is just great
Because I’m prone to stray
To wander off the path
Forgetting the plan
That He has for me
I take my eyes away
From the God Who leads me
It’s not an if, but a when
Because at some point
I will stray away
But, no matter where I go
No matter where I am
I belong to Jesus
I carry Him in my heart
Even when I stray

Real Life

Real life costs comfort and security
It takes stepping out
Risking complete obscurity
To take on the role
Where the fake ideals
Are no longer part
Of the life you live
Real life means giving up
On the lie that I
Can do it all on my own
It means admitting
That I am weak and I need
Help all the time
Just to get through each day
I can’t rely on my strength
Because it sometimes fades
Real life is hard
It’s a sacrifice
To face truth
And believe in something more
Something bigger than,
More important than me
Real life takes sacrifice
Real life takes you and me
Really listening
Ready to be hurt
Vulnerable to the pain
Of the deepest sort
Open to the joy,
The real kind,
Not some artificial high
Or accumulation of things
That’s not real life
Real life is hard
It’s a huge risk
That costs the willingness
To give up everything

Christmas is the Start

Coming at the end of the year

Christmas feels like an end

A culmination of so much

Preparation and work

But really, Christmas is a beginning

It kicks off winter

The cold time when

Finally we slow down

When the rains and snow

Blanket the land

Watering it and bringing renewal

Prepping for Spring growth

Ready for a brand new year

More than that,

Christmas celebrated birth

The beginning of Jesus’ life

That ended with sacrifice

His life given up for all of us

By His grace and love

We celebrate His beginning

At Christmastime

Christmas is the start

By Word of Heart

By word of heart
The message moves
Through the world
No back up plan
Than to change lives
To the point
They can’t help
But tell the world
Of the God Who lives
Inside their hearts
Who changed everything
Taking the pain
And making it into joy
Bringing healing and
So very much more
That they can’t stay quiet
They can’t help sharing
By word of heart

Some Days

Some days God,
I’m so angry
At the way the world
Operates and how unfair
People treat one another
The tragedies are breaking me
And I want to yell
At You because
The callous pain
Makes You seem
So far away sometimes
And so You send
A butterfly to flutter by
On bright, delicate wings
That You made
A work of fragile beauty
Not because it served
A huge purpose
More than because
They are delicate and beautiful
Those are the days
That the anger leaves
And I know You are
In my every breath
Closer than my feelings
More constant than
Solid rock
Always with me
Some day and every day