Real Life

Real life costs comfort and security
It takes stepping out
Risking complete obscurity
To take on the role
Where the fake ideals
Are no longer part
Of the life you live
Real life means giving up
On the lie that I
Can do it all on my own
It means admitting
That I am weak and I need
Help all the time
Just to get through each day
I can’t rely on my strength
Because it sometimes fades
Real life is hard
It’s a sacrifice
To face truth
And believe in something more
Something bigger than,
More important than me
Real life takes sacrifice
Real life takes you and me
Really listening
Ready to be hurt
Vulnerable to the pain
Of the deepest sort
Open to the joy,
The real kind,
Not some artificial high
Or accumulation of things
That’s not real life
Real life is hard
It’s a huge risk
That costs the willingness
To give up everything


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