In Every

In every step,
Let my focus not change
Let it never waver
From The One Who Calls My Name
The One who made me
Who knows all of me
Let every step
Each and every breath
Draw glory to God’s name


Deep Joy

Unshattering, unfailing
Filling me up
Overflowing until
It’s pools up and laps
At the doors
Of those needing
To grab and hold tight
To a joy without end
With a source far beyond
Grasping hands and reaching
With human designs
It’s s joy so deep
It exudes from the part
Of my soul that
The world cannot see
That only gets revealed
To my Father God
Who lives inside of me

Life Together

I’m doing life with God
That means listening
And being ready and willing
To change everything
When He points the way
To a place I didn’t see
Telling me to go to be
The feet and hands
That carry what He has
To say to someone else
This life with God
Doesn’t mean I get a pass
On the hard things
That all humans deal with
No, cancer and pain
Death and bad days
Don’t look at God in me
And keep walking past
They still fill my life
As much as joy and love do
But whatever comes my way
Whatever I go through
I do it by God’s side
With Him in my heart
I am never alone
Doing this life with God
Life together, together with God

I’m Weak

Brittle and fragmented
Broken and weak
My strength comes only
From my God and King
The Holy Spirit
Who lives inside me
Is the source
Of my hope and peace
I am not strong
I am not whole
Outside of the healing
From Jesus my Lord
I have no hope
No joy or peace
In Him I have
Far more than I need
His love and joy
Overflow completely
He shines through
Everywhere I am weak
He is my King