Your Hands

Held in Your hands
The hands that healed
The hands that were covered
In shed Your blood
The hands that
Folded Your grave clothes
When You no longer needed them
Because they are the hands
That belong to The One
Death Who Defeated Death
They are the hands
That calmed the churning water
They turned water into wine
They fed thousands with
Next to nothing
What crisis can I have
That could ever stand,
Ever get to me,
When I’m held
Firmly in Your hands


Know Me

Only You know me inside out
From before I began to
Far beyond now You alone
My Father, God truly know me

From the deepest parts
Where even I do not look
To the small fraction
This wild world sees of me

You alone Father God
You alone see the whole of me
You know me and You
Still love me, all of me

Only You know me inside out
From before I began to
Far beyond now You alone
My Father, God truly know me

Someone Else

Someone else somewhere else
They will do it
Whatever the thing is
That needs to be done
It’s not my job
My responsibility
To deal with that need I see
Someone else will take care
Of the pain screaming in those eyes
Of the fear silently killing
Someone I see
On their inside
It’s not my job
Someone else will do it
But what if, what if
The one in pain was me
Would someone else
Somewhere else come
Would they care for me?
What if I become the
Someone else right here
Who does something
About what I see
Instead of waiting
For someone else
To do what needs doing
When I know that
Someone else might
Never ever come
I am someone else

True Peace

Not a symbol or a festival
Not a hand sign or a rally
Peace from God
Intimate, holy peace
Stillness within
The quiet of the sunrise
Dying clouds all the colors
Rest inside and quiet
Comfortable quiet
Contentment where
I am without reaching,
Striving to change it
To get more or less
Standing still for a moment
Taking a breath
Acknowledging that
Through the hectic mess
The pulling and tugging
Of responsibilities
Of obligations and wants
Of needs and desires
Acknowledging that
It is well, I am enough
To be still and see
That God has this
The hard and the pain
They’re there
But, the stillness that makes
No sense in this chaotic life
Fills the inside of me
God in me
His peace in me
Transcending everything
Peace, true peace


Shame and regret
Pressure and stress
Are the reward
For trying harder
To do things
By my own strength
As I lean and trust
On the God Who Made Me
I let go
He takes over
Those things fade away
Joy and love
Fill their places
Because that’s what
Belonged there
In the first place
Shame and regret
Were interloping thieves
Steal and lying
Robbing me of my joy
My has evicted them
Bring on the joy
That comes from Jesus

Beyond Imaging

My God, He has a plan
Beyond anything
I can ever imagine
That’s a promise
I will put my feet behind
Lord, You have my heart,
Take my hand in Yours
And lead me, Lord
Take me where You planned
To the places
Far beyond imaging
To do what You will
That’s my deepest desire
Lord, take me by the hand
Lead the way to the places
Beyond imagining

Thank You

When all the little things
Go completely wrong
Life seems to break down
It’s so hard to manage
The words: Thank you
Yet, even when it hard
Or when real things go wrong
And the words feel like
They never even belonged
Coming from my lips
I fall down to my knees
To find the “thank you”
That always belongs
In every circumstance
To the Creator of us all
To the one and only God
He makes a way
For my thank you
To come out
Even when it feels wrong
Thank You, God
Wherever I am
Whatever is going on
Thank You, Lord
For being my strong
When broken is all I see
And all I know is pain
You are my thanks still
Thank You I will pray