It’s familiar, expected
I don’t hear it anymore
Lord, God open
My eyes up
To what I’m
Failing to see
Bring into my focus
That which I find
Familiar and known
The verses I’ve heard
So many times
I forget that
I’m hearing the
Living Word of God
Lord, open up my eyes
Let me see for the
Very first time
The familiar things
I’ve learning all over again
Don’t let me become
Blind to the familiar
Show me every time
Just how amazing
You are my God
How You are King
Of everything
You spoke into place
Don’t let familiar
Take away my awe
Of You, oh Lord my God


By Love

By love only
Can I know
And understand
Some parts of life
Knowledge alone
Is not going to teach me
What it means to be alive
To be a friend or a child
A sister, a mom
Those names only
Have meaning when
They a drenched in love
By love I learn
Who I someone else is
And a lot more about me
By love only
Can I understand
Entire parts of humanity
That lose all meaning
Apart from love
Let me be known
By love

That’s God

King of all created things
Author of all life
Lover of the deepest parts
Of each and every one of us
The One Who set the stars
Out in the galaxy
Who paints the sky in light
Twice every day
Who knows how many hairs
Will crown my head
Who all at once
Is in all places
Conversing with the prayers
Of those who recognize
He is there right with them
All at once, right beside
Each of us
With a love
Bigger than the universe
That He spoke into place
That’s God

Little Quiet Things

It’s not the out loud
And the big things
That shift the tide
Of a life that
Was crashing on the rocks
Oh no, not at all
It’s the extra fries
You gave away
It’s the hug you gave
The moment you
Stopped to pray
With a hurting soul
You don’t know at all
Or the moment you took
To connect and be
With a friend who is
Having a hard time
Finding enough space
So that they can breathe
Or walking alongside
When it’s dark
In someone’s life
Making sure they know
That they do not walk
Through the hurt
And pain all alone
It’s little quiet things
That change the world

Life Uncurled

Guilt and shame curl me in
A rollie-pollie trying
To protect myself
An armadillo threatened
Trying to armor,
To protect myself
Guilt and shame are not
Any kind of motivation
They are the fallen products
Not something I’m
Made to handle
Or carry around
Inside of me
They are poison
To my desire and motivation
They use me up
Tearing me apart
Shame is just
The very voice
Of pure evil from hell
God, shed my guilt
Heal my shame
Draw me out
Of my fetal position
Be my armor, Lord
Help me understand
A life where I walk
Free of guilt
Free of shame
A life lived free
Where I uncurl
Shame no longer
Part of who I am
To live a life uncurled