Built Up

All the things I built

Up around me

To display my might

And show my strength

Are like dust

Collapsing scaffolding

When disaster rises up

Wipes them away

So far beyond rebuilding

That I am left stripped down

To nothing, completely exposed

And there is nothing around

I can rebuild myself with

Some call that my

Weakest moment

I call it my most honest

When I have no choice

But to admit that I

Need help, can’t do life

All on my own

I need something

Much bigger than me

And so much wiser

I need a strength

That is not my own

That is the moment

Many feel most alone,

But I don’t

For me, it is the time when

I know my God is so close

He is within me and

All around

Making sure I am

Never alone

He fills me up

Sustains me

With so much greater

Than anything I ever

Called my own

God is my strength

He builds me new

From the ground up

Until I am a new creation

Built up relying only on God


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