About reflectionoffaith

Writing is my passion, but more so, serving God is my passion and the place my desire to write comes from. When God truly touches me or moves me, I write poetry. The purpose of this site is to share this reflection of my personal faith with whoever God leads here.

Dwelling in Me

There is a place in me
That is the dwelling place
Of a mighty King
He is the One who
Spoke the world into place
Who sent His Son
To die to give us grace
Always with me
Through all that life had
My King, my God
Dwells in me
God’s with me


God Provides

Life is unpredictable
It takes these turns
These twists and dives
Flying off track
From expectation
In all those times
When all hope seems lost
God provides
For my every need
No matter when I act
Like a complete idiot
He has grace on me
Love and peace that rains
Like cool showers in a drought
All my needs are provided for
Because God provides

Remains the Same

Hands trembling
Nerves completely shot
I’m at my weakest
And God, I need You
I need You a lot
But the truth is
My need for more of You
Doesn’t change
No matter how
Strong I feel
On a daily basis
When I am weak
You are strong
When I am strong
It’s because You
Are my strength
My need for You
Remains the same
When I’m sick,
When I rejoice,
When I’m rejected
Feel like I have no voice
When I feel useless
Totally defeated
When I feel victory
My need for You, Lord
It doesn’t change
My need for You
Remains the same
I need to be closer to You
Have more of You
Filling me up
No matter what
Is happening in life
In a moment in the day
My need for You, Lord
Remains the same

I Will Stray

I belong to Jesus
I carry Him in my heart
He is always with me
Which is just great
Because I’m prone to stray
To wander off the path
Forgetting the plan
That He has for me
I take my eyes away
From the God Who leads me
It’s not an if, but a when
Because at some point
I will stray away
But, no matter where I go
No matter where I am
I belong to Jesus
I carry Him in my heart
Even when I stray