Creation’s Song

In a place where stones
Are carved by the Master’s Hands
It’s easy to hear all creation
Worshiping His Name
In the silence of the still air
In the rushing river
In the fluttering of
Delicate butterfly wings
In the reflection of the sky
Passing over the surface
Of a unmoving water
There His glory is evident
In full and complete measure
The things He has decorated
This Earth with call out
Their praise to their Maker
May this same praise
Be evident in the places
Where the human touch
Has reshaped the natural world
That the business of humanity
Not choke out the love song
Of the created world
Giving all glory to the Master


Lies come in and hang out
They are insidious,
Worming in and staying
In our heads saying
That some small thing
Or so it starts, but
Like freezing water it expands
And wears away at the fissures,
The cracks in our minds
In our foundations
Widening them
Tearing at the bond
We each have with
The rock we stand on
Until it feels like everything
Is crumbling beneath us
Our feet no longer able
To support us
We feel shaken, off balance
Until the Steadier of our Souls
Comes and wipes
The lies away
With His own hands
Or the hands of His
Child He designates
To speak His truth
Into the lies
Wiping them all away


Anger leaves no room
For hope to hang out
It pushes it out of the way
And replaces it with fear
And darkness to blot
Out any source of light
Or at least it tries
It often succeeds
But here’s the thing
Hope and light
Are much stronger
Than fear and anger
Darkness is simply
The absence of light
Even just a small spark
Is enough to make
The darkness less dark
And drive it out
Replacing it with light
Which brings on hope


Released from the ties that
Bind my hands together
That make my wrists chafe
That holds me in bondage
To lies that chew on me
Like rats do garbage
Freed from the things
That tear at my soul
I am unbound
Freed from these things
My torn soul healed
By the love of Jesus
I am whole, I am healed
My scars show that
God gives me the strength
To forgive the unforgivable
And heal those ferreting wounds
Inflicted for so long
Left healed only on the surface
To become internal infection
That hurts and tears at me
From the inside,
But God gives the love
He gives the power
The strength to heal
Those festering injuries
Leaving us unbound
From the pain and hurt
Once and for all

Good Gifts

The gifts that come from
The Author of life
Are greater than any
I could ever think up
They come in the form
Of the smiling face
Of a friend who knows you
Better than words
Can ever convey
Through the love He gives
Straight from Him
And filtered through
The lives of our loved ones
He gave the ultimate
Gift of all the life He gave
Up for each of us
His Son, Jesus Christ
The One Who died
Out of love for us
There is no greater gift
Than the forgiveness
Of all our sins
The love that heals
All our hurts and takes
Away the guilt and shame
That we heap upon ourselves
Like chains confining us
His gift of love
Breaks away these chains
Heals the pain
It is the greatest gift
Of all ever given


No more will a tree
Pull up its roots
And walk away from
Where it stands
Than I will
Pull my feet from
The path God
Has placed them on
I walk where He
Has for my feet to land
And may nothing
Ever interrupt my
Journey with my God
For He is a jealous God
To whom I belong
Of my own free choice
I have yoked myself
Only to Him and the love
He freely gives
To His glory I breathe
And continue on
Each step taken
According to His
Guiding hands