What is Joy

What is joy?
What is love,
But that Jesus came down
He is God’s only son

A promise to us
Of love and hope
Through Him we’re cleansed
Our sin are all erased

For there is joy Greater
Than any fleeting happiness
A love so overflowing
Nothing can extinguish my joy

I have Christ in my heart
His joy fills my veins
Every beat pumps Jesus into me
And I am filled with joy

Everlasting, overflowing
Joy fills my soul
Unwavering, redeeming joy
Joy in my Jesus



Hear My voice calling you
My child I have the best
Planned out for you
Listen to My Word
Follow me, I will bring
You all the way through
To the reward I made
Just for you
It’s everything you
Really need
The desires of your heart
The things that will
Make your eternity
Hear My voice calling you
My child I have the best
Planned out for you

His Lead

Because my God has me
I can go wherever
He calls me to go
Even when I’m ready
To step out and He
Tells me to sit down
It chafes at who I am
But He is Lord and
I am committed
To following His lead
Where He sends me
I will be, wholly standing
Where He says to stay
Even when all I have
Is the trust that
My God has me
Held tight in His arms
Protected while I keep
My eyes upon the Lord
Only ever on the Lord

Life Chafes

Sometimes life feels
Like I’m stuck in mud
Swimming through jello
While everyone else
Runs right on past me
I get trapped, fed up
With where I am
I want to charge ahead
Life chafes at me
But, I lean and trust
In the only One
Who can see ahead
Who knows the path
He’s taking me on
God I trust in You
Life’s chafing at me
It burns and rubs
All this waiting around
God I trust You
Disgruntled as I feel
In this time of waiting
Which is chafing at me
Be my balm against the sores
My shield against
Deadly comparisons
That steal my joy
That steal my breath
Make me feel a bit
Like I am worth less
Because I’m stuck here
While all the others move around
God, teach me to love
Exactly where I am
Because life is chafing at me