Someone Else

Someone else somewhere else
They will do it
Whatever the thing is
That needs to be done
It’s not my job
My responsibility
To deal with that need I see
Someone else will take care
Of the pain screaming in those eyes
Of the fear silently killing
Someone I see
On their inside
It’s not my job
Someone else will do it
But what if, what if
The one in pain was me
Would someone else
Somewhere else come
Would they care for me?
What if I become the
Someone else right here
Who does something
About what I see
Instead of waiting
For someone else
To do what needs doing
When I know that
Someone else might
Never ever come
I am someone else

Remains the Same

Hands trembling
Nerves completely shot
I’m at my weakest
And God, I need You
I need You a lot
But the truth is
My need for more of You
Doesn’t change
No matter how
Strong I feel
On a daily basis
When I am weak
You are strong
When I am strong
It’s because You
Are my strength
My need for You
Remains the same
When I’m sick,
When I rejoice,
When I’m rejected
Feel like I have no voice
When I feel useless
Totally defeated
When I feel victory
My need for You, Lord
It doesn’t change
My need for You
Remains the same
I need to be closer to You
Have more of You
Filling me up
No matter what
Is happening in life
In a moment in the day
My need for You, Lord
Remains the same

People Are Like Toilet Paper

People are like toilet paper
They’re everywhere
They take many forms
Some are rough, unrefined
Some are natural, more leaves
Than a paper products
Some are perfumed and colorful
Some are soft and quilted
Designs or not
Rolls or squares
Biodegradable or reusable
Natural or engineered,
They all are destined to deal
With the end of something
With the dark things that
Get real and dirty fast
The amount of filthy
Each deals with is different,
But each person has
Some kind of crap they
Have to deal with
And no matter what
We’re all in this big flush
As one people
No matter how we present
Ourselves, in the end,
We carry out our purpose
And end the same way
It’s gross, but comforting
Because we are all in this together
Not one of us is alone
In the crap that will
Eventually fill our lives

Turned Gray

Never forget the day
When hate flew planes
And crashed them
Into the towers
When we all stood in shock
When the world saw
Terrorists commit murder
In New York City

Never forget how
We all drew together
Covered in the same dust
When we all turned gray
When we all sat in shock
When we stood together
United in our grief

Never forget,
No matter how we feel
How we agree or disagree
We are one country
No matter our differences
In a heartbeat,
In a single moment
We may all turn gray


Mud gets used
For many things
From nourishing plants
To spattering pants
Kids roll in mud
Adults splash through it
Companies call it clean
And sell mud for your face
But in the end,
It’s all just wet dirt
Moist, sticky dust
And nothing more

Yosemite Thunderstorm

Shattering the stillness
Flashing in the night
A moment of light
Rumbling across the sky
Hair standing on end
Drumming against the earth
Echoing off the granite
Lighting the face of Half Dome
Pounding on the tent
Awakening the sleeping
With raw power
Invoking awe and amazement
And the kind of fear
That leaves me breathless
Listening and waiting
To every drop and rumble
Until the storm rolls past