You Spoke

Oh Lord, my God

Father and King

You didn’t have

To think out

How You would

Design the wind

You spoke it all

Right into being

You spoke

And You made

All of creation

You spoke and

Everything began


Built Up

All the things I built

Up around me

To display my might

And show my strength

Are like dust

Collapsing scaffolding

When disaster rises up

Wipes them away

So far beyond rebuilding

That I am left stripped down

To nothing, completely exposed

And there is nothing around

I can rebuild myself with

Some call that my

Weakest moment

I call it my most honest

When I have no choice

But to admit that I

Need help, can’t do life

All on my own

I need something

Much bigger than me

And so much wiser

I need a strength

That is not my own

That is the moment

Many feel most alone,

But I don’t

For me, it is the time when

I know my God is so close

He is within me and

All around

Making sure I am

Never alone

He fills me up

Sustains me

With so much greater

Than anything I ever

Called my own

God is my strength

He builds me new

From the ground up

Until I am a new creation

Built up relying only on God

Voices Raised

Voices raised

Joined together in song

A melody of praise

Languages blending

Words enmeshed

Creating a harmony

Of praise glorifying

The name and fame

Our Father God in Heaven

A melodic tapestry

Of woven praise

Acoustic echoes

Of God’s enduring love

Testifying to how great

Our God is

My Disease

Let my disease
Be one of gratitude
My greatest symptom
Be thankfulness
Let my disease
Spread like wildfire
Let whole world
Become infected
Let the earth ring
With the sound
Of everyone rejoicing
With graciousness
Let us spread thanksgiving
Let the whole world be
Forever infected
By my disease
My gracious disease

Covered in Dust

Covered in dust
We all turned gray
Painted with smoke and ash
We were all the same
Covered in the soil
And the wreckage of
The land of the free
Where eagles soar
We will never forget
When the towers fell
When our country changed
And we all knew
No matter how different
We all are or believe
We are all the same
It’s red we all bleed
Covered in gray
We were all simply
Americans covered in dust
United on that day

Taken In

Brought into the family
The family of God
A home where I can live
And never have to go
To leave and not come back
God welcomes us all
I have been taken in
Taken into the family of God
The Lord above
Who created the world
The author of life
He opens His arms
And welcomes us all
With His great love
I have been adopted
I have been taken in