My Disease

Let my disease
Be one of gratitude
My greatest symptom
Be thankfulness
Let my disease
Spread like wildfire
Let whole world
Become infected
Let the earth ring
With the sound
Of everyone rejoicing
With graciousness
Let us spread thanksgiving
Let the whole world be
Forever infected
By my disease
My gracious disease


With a Burning Heart

Jesus, set me ablaze
So that each step I take
All will see the light
From the burning
You have set in my heart
Fueled with Your love
With Your purpose
Burning worth Your glory
Jesus, set me ablaze
Let me walk this earth
With a burning heart

Covered in Dust

Covered in dust
We all turned gray
Painted with smoke and ash
We were all the same
Covered in the soil
And the wreckage of
The land of the free
Where eagles soar
We will never forget
When the towers fell
When our country changed
And we all knew
No matter how different
We all are or believe
We are all the same
It’s red we all bleed
Covered in gray
We were all simply
Americans covered in dust
United on that day

Taken In

Brought into the family
The family of God
A home where I can live
And never have to go
To leave and not come back
God welcomes us all
I have been taken in
Taken into the family of God
The Lord above
Who created the world
The author of life
He opens His arms
And welcomes us all
With His great love
I have been adopted
I have been taken in


Squeezed tight in my hand
Held so secure no
Light can get in
This thing I will not
Let go of, I’ll hold
Tight to so no one
Else can see it
With all my might
I will hold tight
To this one thing
Oh no, there’s a problem
Holding this thing means
I can’t hold onto
Anything else
While I squeeze this tight
If I want to use my hand
I have to let it go
And not squeeze tight
To this thing
Finger by finger
I let it go
Until my hand
Is open
Degree by degree
I tip my hand
Until the thing
Slips to the ground
No longer squeezed tight
In my hand


Sexual expression
Has become the
Number one way
Our society says
To express ourselves
But, I’m so much more
Than a biological drive
Than a session of sweaty fun
And my love for my husband
Has so much more to it
Than just sex
Love is so not about
Feeling tingly and palpitations
It’s a difficult and
Totally immersive way
To spend life with
Other humans
Supporting each other
Crying and caring together
Disagreeing and making
It all work out
The way Jesus showed us
It should be
It’s not a feeling
It’s a verb
Love is an action
It’s something we do
It means so much more
Than just emotion
Than just a later night encounter
Love is a decision
To face life together