Turned Gray

Never forget the day
When hate flew planes
And crashed them
Into the towers
When we all stood in shock
When the world saw
Terrorists commit murder
In New York City

Never forget how
We all drew together
Covered in the same dust
When we all turned gray
When we all sat in shock
When we stood together
United in our grief

Never forget,
No matter how we feel
How we agree or disagree
We are one country
No matter our differences
In a heartbeat,
In a single moment
We may all turn gray


Who You Are

Don’t ever be afraid
To be who you are
The detailed person
Gifted with skills
Others don’t understand
When they tease you
And make malicious,
Snide remarks
Designed to make you
Feel small, insignificant,
It hurts really bad
Don’t let their insecurity
And supreme jealousy
Ever stop you from
Being who you are
Or stop you from
Using your gifts to bless
Those around you
You are skilled,
Talented and well practiced
And completely amazing
At being who you are


There is violence in this world
There are humans who
Refuse to submit to
The laws that regulate society
There are people who
Have decided other lives
Have no value
And the people who don’t
Recognize worth and value
In other people
Are nightmares come to life
The number of these nightmares
Is increasing and we don’t know
How to stop it, how to
Return to a place
Where we feel safe
And the nightmares
Only happen when we sleep
I don’t have the answers
All I know is that
I vow to bring peace
By showing others
How much they mean to me
That we all have value
And worth and a place
In s vast society
Maybe, just maybe
One human won’t
Become a nightmare
Because of me

What’s it Going to Take

What’s it going to take
For us to open our eyes
And see the humanity
Inside each other

What’s it going to take
To stop blaming other things
And realize how cruel
We are to each other

What’s it going to take
To get us to see
The incredible value
And purpose each life has

What’s it going to take
To stop all the fights
And give everyone a place
To stop and take a breath

What’s it going to take
For us to open our eyes
And see the humanity
Inside each other

Love Will Overcome

Hearts shatter into a billion pieces
Tears fall and hit the rumbled ground
Hands join across all around the world
Heads held high
Terrorists, we won’t hide
You don’t get to win
We stand together
Defying what you’ve done
Hand in hand, heart to heart
Love will cover this world
And love will overcome.