Yosemite Thunderstorm

Shattering the stillness
Flashing in the night
A moment of light
Rumbling across the sky
Hair standing on end
Drumming against the earth
Echoing off the granite
Lighting the face of Half Dome
Pounding on the tent
Awakening the sleeping
With raw power
Invoking awe and amazement
And the kind of fear
That leaves me breathless
Listening and waiting
To every drop and rumble
Until the storm rolls past

From My Grandmother

From my grandmother
I learned to
Make everyone family
To make ties
To each community
Wherever I am

From my grandmother
I learned to
Always wear a smile
Live a life of laughter
And never greet a day
Without love in my heart

From my grandmother
I learned to
Be independent
And that the only barrier
To what I will do is me
And my creativity

From my grandmother
I learned to
Never stop learning
The art of substitution
To wing it when I don’t
Have any answers at all

From my grandmother
I learned to
Make everyone family
To find the treasure
In each experience
Wherever I am

Life’s Storm

Youth blows in, a sudden gust
A sign of gathering strength.
Energy to spare

Growth and learning
Build like moisture
Into billowing clouds

Stacking into mountainous
Cities floating in the sky
Ready to burst

The air swirls
Faster, stronger
Until the storm breaks

Rain falls, gently at first,
Then in steady sheets
Wind whips drops everywhere

Life’s fierce storm
Pounds the earth
Until all energy is spent

Then the rain tapers away
Gentle, misting, gone
The wind is still.

Clouds scatter, ground dries
The earth waits in peace
Until the next storm.

Trust Not

Doubt flows like fog
Fills cracks too small to see
Opens fissures minutely
Creeps in silently

Doubt hunts and
Stalks trust like prey
It aims for the kill shot
But is happy to maim

Questioning is always okay
But remember to doubt
The doubts themselves
And put faith in trust

Climb On

Looking up at the peak
The path to the top
Seems way too steep,
Impossible to climb.

Searching around for a way
There is eventually a path,
It seems unlikely,
But there’s no other choice

This mysterious path,
First hidden, then found
Is more gentle and not
Too hard to climb

Though the path twists
And goes strange places,
Before you know it
You have reached the top

Climb on
Reach the peak
Climb on
Find the way
Climb on