Thank You

Thank you God
For never dropping me
In the middle of pain
Or when all things
Are completely happy
No matter where
Life takes me
How much stress
One day holds
You are always here
Right here holding me
Thank you, God
In every circumstance
In pain and elation
I will fold my hands
When it’s all too much
Or I feel I’m not enough
I will close my eyes
Or open them wide
It doesn’t matter
Which I do because I know
I am always, always with You


It’s About Love

It all comes down to love
The root of what God made
Why He gave us choices
Though our choices
Keep us from getting
Closer to Him
He gave us a choice
Out of love
He could have made
Us to just worship,
But He designed us
With a desire to seek Him out
A longing to be in His presence
And the choice to
Go to Him or run from Him
Even to deny He exists
It all comes down
To how He loves us
It’s all about love


Jesus is my hope
Hope reverberates through me
Wrapping around my fears
Warming them, thawing
The rattling coldness
Of pain and terror
Melt in the face
Of the hope
That blazes like fire
Thinning the hurts
Lighting the dark
Whispering that
Invade each corner
Hope silences them
Binds their lies
Takes their power
Tears of hurt
Turn to joy
In the light of hope
Jesus is my hope


We are each our own
We walk around
In our own world
With our own feet
In our own skin
Seeing what we see
All through our own lens
We assign judgments
To the things around us
Trying to classify
Every little thing
Assign it value
See where it fits
Where we fit
In this life
It is hard wired
Into each of us
As we navigate
And try to survive
Anything that’s different
Is most often feared
Treated as if it is
Full of hidden
Poison and danger
This is the way we navigate
The whole world
Labeling things as we see
If we need to give
Them more attention
Or if they’re safe to ignore
It’s an act of navigation
There is so much more to see
Than just what we
Have to navigate

Jagged Place

Life is a jagged place
Full of places to puncture
And poke myself
On the outcroppings
And spires of the mountains
That must be climbed
It’s a rugged journey
Not a leisurely stroll
I never navigate alone
I never take a step
Or a handhold that
Is not one that I
Take by myself
All through this walk
All through this journey
I am always with my God
He walks along with me
And He never, ever
Let’s me fall or
Get impaled on the rocks
More than I can survive
He comforts me
He comes with me
And when I want to quit
He holds me up
He carries me
Loving me through it all
From the highest peak
To the deepest muck
He is always with me
And I with Him
In this jagged place


For one He would go
Anywhere on this earth
Just to bring them home
Beyond measure

He declares our worth
Chosen as priceless
Before our births
He knew us then

For one, He bled
Out until He died
Just so one would shed
Their shame and guilt

Only Jesus beat death
Came back to life
To breathe His breath
Into one to set them free


Peeling away the armored layers
Revealing the rawness
The hurtable parts
Of who I am
It’s a painful process
That often leaves
Me completely breathless
Exposed in the most
Vulnerable way imaginable
To take off all the constructs
That I’ve spent years
Layering in front of me
Hoping people won’t look
Too hard past the me
I choose to give them
I’ve worked to perfect
The art of giving enough
That they think they have
All of me, when the truth is
Very few have that much
That utter vulnerability
That access to my whole real me
In the intangible inner parts
That beyond God
Who lives in me
So few have ever seen
That is the transparency
The level of honesty
That God is working me toward
To peel away the armor
I put on, my camouflage
And trade it only for
The armor of God.
His armor is more than sufficient
To protect all of who
He has made me to be
Let it peel away