I live in the presence
Of the Creator
Of all things
I live in the presence
Of the Savior
Of the world
He makes His home
Inside my heart
Calls me by name
With trembling hands
I answer Him
I live in Him
His presence takes
The burning out of fire
Takes the death
Out of life
And the fear out
Of seasons of change
His presence comforts me
His presence protects me
His presence never
Leaves me
I remain in His presence


Reset my default
Oh Father God
To be where You want
Me to be

Reset my default
Oh Lord Jesus
To always follow
Your holy lead

Reset my default
Oh Holy Spirit
To listen to where
You’re leading me

Reset me to default
Only to You
Oh Holy Trinity
Reset me, to only

Ever hear You
To only ever
Default to You
Reset my default to You

Added To His Crown

When the thorns
Latch around my ankle
And dig into my skin
Holding on to me
Pulling my focus from
The God Who leads me
I falter and stop
And I cry out in pain
As the thorns tear at me
My Jesus lifts me up
And I ask Him to take
The thorns away
The ones hurting me
He reaches out
Unwinds the thorns
From my bleeding skin
And then He adds them
To His crown of thorns
And then He heals me
And my pain adorns His head
No longer able to hurt me
He takes away my thorns
And adds them to His crown

Lifted Up

Rough hewn wood
Driven into the ground
A cross-member erected
With a man nailed to it
The nails hammered
Through His arms
The sign above His head
Intended to mock Him
Labels Him the
King of the Jews
He is Jesus
He is the Son of God
He gave up His
Human life at the time
Of the evening sacrifice
To become the eternal
Sacrifice to make us clean
And new in the eyes of His Father
In the eyes of God
Lifted up from a life
Of give and take
Of earthly expectation
Of the unfair burdens
Places upon all of us
Of the more than earned
Punishments we each carry
Jesus hung on that cross
To free us from all of that
And free is what we are
If we just ask to that forgiveness
We are lifted up
Because of Jesus

My Faith

My faith isn’t contained
To church for an hour on Sunday
It’s not a thing that
Is contained in a moment
Where I bow my head
And recite a memorized prayer
My faith is me
It permeates who I am
Because my faith
Is in Jesus Who
Lives inside of me
There is no separating us
There is no point
Where I stop believing
Where I stop being
The daughter of God
Where I stop belonging
Only to Jesus


Cloaked in camouflage
Dressed to blend in
Insidiously digging
Their claws slowly
Deeper into you
Until you can’t shake it
Until you can’t break it
These lies that whisper
How you aren’t enough
How you can never
Be okay because
You’re broken
Beyond repair
These hidden lies
We hold in the deepest
Darkest corners of us
The only way to
Pull it off these lies
Is to show them
God’s light
So He can show you
That He has healed you
And made you whole
Where the veiled liars
Can’t touch you