Will You Answer?

Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest!
They laid palm branches down
To carpet the ground
So the feet of the colt He road
Wouldn’t touch the dust

They welcomed Him
With a greeting fit for a king
Little did they know
What the following
Days would bring

How could only a week
Have passed between
The crowds roaring
Heralding His triumphal entry
And Him hanging on a cross

Now we call it Holy Week
Sunday He was welcomed
Thursday there was a feast
Afterward He was arrested
He was killed the very next day

Saturday was spent
In soul rending mourning
Tears were not enough
To express their feeling
Of total loss and grief

On Sunday, something happened
Something many still don’t believe
The man they had killed
Had risen and not stayed
Entombed in His grave

Hosanna in the highest!
He saved us all
He paid with His life
And defeated death too
Risen and alive, Jesus calls to you

This past Thursday, my five-year-old answered His call by saying yes.