In the good
Or in the bad
Through life’s trials
Or when all is glad
One thing never changes
One thing remains
One solid constant
Only one rock solid thing
His name is Jesus
A rock so firm
Not even an earthquake
Can make Him move
He is God
In the flesh
Who came to Earth
To die so we could live
His name is Jesus
He is constant
Unchangeable since long before
The world was formed

It is a New Year a time for renewal and change. Our God is unchangable. I find this a hard thing to remember in this malleable world which is reshaping constantly. My resolution for 2013 is to remember no matter what I do, God’s love for me doesn’t lessen or waver. Neither does His love for any of us.


Changed Perspective

Sit down on the ground
Like a small child
And everything looks
So very much bigger

Flying in a plane
High up over the Earth
The cars look like toys,
The people like ants

Up atop a mountain
The sound of nature
Erase the noisy bustle
Of everyday life

Head bowed and kneeling
Eyes squeezed tightly shut
The world becomes different
Seen in a different light

With the eyes of God
Let us see one another
With the love of God
Let us work together

Let us change perspective
And see with God’s eyes
Let us change perspective
And shine out God’s light

Happy New Year!!