Still in Love

I asked Christ to
Always stay with me
When I was five years old
And He has
Don’t get me wrong,
We’ve had our rough patches
I’ve spent a lot of time
Running away
But He’s inside me
It was like trying to run
From my own brain
Not going to happen
After thirty-one years
Many of them hard ones,
I’m still in love
With my Jesus
And after fourteen years
Of marriage, one look
Into my husband’s eyes
Still melts me
My life with God is a lot like that
And God knows me
From the inside out
And I’m amazed
He never ran screaming from me
I know what I’m like inside
And there is no reason
He should still love me,
But He does
And I still love Him


Living With Jesus

Living with Jesus
Is more than a religion
More than ritual
More than going to church

Living with Jesus
Is a daily choice
A way of life
That touches everything

Living with Jesus
Changes what you do
How you see the world
Who you want to be

Living with Jesus
Is not hazard free
Is completely amazing
And changes everything

Life’s Storm

Youth blows in, a sudden gust
A sign of gathering strength.
Energy to spare

Growth and learning
Build like moisture
Into billowing clouds

Stacking into mountainous
Cities floating in the sky
Ready to burst

The air swirls
Faster, stronger
Until the storm breaks

Rain falls, gently at first,
Then in steady sheets
Wind whips drops everywhere

Life’s fierce storm
Pounds the earth
Until all energy is spent

Then the rain tapers away
Gentle, misting, gone
The wind is still.

Clouds scatter, ground dries
The earth waits in peace
Until the next storm.

Until We Meet in Heaven

A dear friend passed away this week. Though he was in his eighties, his death was unexpected. I find it very appropriate that he lived to see one last Christmas because he looked like Santa. Sure, I never saw him in the red suit, but since I was seven, I have greeted him each Sunday with a hug and a “Hi Santa!”

This Sunday, I say until we meet in heaven, Santa.

Until We Meet in Heaven

My friend has finished
His time upon this earth
I will miss his smile
And his fluffy white beard
He never wore red,
But deep inside I knew
If ever there lived a man
Who could fill Santa’s suit,
It was Ken, my friend
He was descent and kind
Generous and jolly
His laugh was hearty
And his eyes held a twinkle
He didn’t have a sleigh
Or elves or reindeer,
He had a deep, deep faith
In Jesus our Savior
And now he has gone
To dwell up in heaven
And though I will miss him
We will meet again
And so I goodbye for now
Until we meet in heaven

I think when Jesus spoke of building up our treasures in heaven, He spoke of people. I’m sure there is more to the passage than that, but I consider Ken to be a treasure greater than any monetary value.

Blood Gives Life

Okay, I admit blood is pretty gross. But without it, breathing would serve no purpose. We breathe to replenish the oxygen in our blood. If you’ve ever tried to live without taking a breath, then you know it just doesn’t work. Neither does trying to live without blood. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and hold your breath. when you wake up, enjoy this poem.

Blood Gives Life

Without blood there
Would be no oxgyen
In our limbs, we’d die
Our blood gives us life

A baby grows inside
The mother nurishes him
Through her own blood
Giving the baby life

A baby is born
Cleaned up and checked
Healthy because
He has been well fed

Jesus is killed
His blood spilt, sacrificed
To save everyone
His blood gives us life

I actually wrote this in April, but with Halloween fast approaching, the blood poem seemed right.


In high school, we separated ourselves into groups of friends. Often groups would earn labels based on their common interest. I enjoyed hopping from group to group. This poem is about not assigning labels because I don’t think any person can be boiled down to a label. I sure can’t. I’m a writer, mother, wife, and daughter and that is the tip of the iceberg.


Marked and labeled
Categorized and identified
Sorted into a box
The lid fastened tight

But something is wrong
With the very next one
It doesn’t fit
There’s no label for it

Quick, hit the button
Trigger the trap door
Reject the oddity
It has no category

This system is fine
For object and thing
But should never be applied
To human beings

People can’t be labeled,
Categorized and shut
Up in a box, lid on tight
With all inside alike

People don’t fit
In just one category
One label, one identity
People are much more

Don’t be so quick
To trigger that trap door
When a person doesn’t fit
Inside any box

September 30, 2012