This Crazy World

I don’t understand
All that much about
The reality that is our
Current climate
In our country
What am I to do?
How do I fit in?
What is my role?
How can I help?
The truth is so simple
When it slapped
Me in my face
I didn’t get it
I didn’t understand
At first, but then I
Saw the beauty and
How simple it is
I’ll just do what I’ve done
Most of my life
I’m going to get on my knees
And close my eyes
And pray to God
That I can love
With His heart
Pouring out
The kind of love
That doesn’t judge
A love that says
You are worthy of
The greatest love
That takes you as you are
No judgement,
Just you right there
Being you because
You are incredible
And amazing
And totally valuable
And worthy of
Shining as you are
A unique person
Full of gifts and beauty
And a life meant
Only for you to live
To leave an impact
That only you can make
You are amazing
And that’s the set of eyes
I want to see with
And that’s the love
I want to live with
And that’s the answer
I will give for what
I’m gonna do
In this crazy world


At the Heart

At the heart of every matter
Is the very central thing
It’s a four letter word
That causes most to swear
Just four measly letters
Don’t begin to describe
What love really is
At the heart of it,
Love is more than just
A passing emotion
Or an action taken
Love is greater,
Bigger than that
It makes us get up
And move mountains
For things that just
Don’t make any sense
Until we say, love moved us
Love moves, it binds
It hurts more than pain
And I would trade
One single moment
For a thousand years more
Live without love
Because at the heart
Of what matters
Without love,
None of it means anything

From My Grandmother

From my grandmother
I learned to
Make everyone family
To make ties
To each community
Wherever I am

From my grandmother
I learned to
Always wear a smile
Live a life of laughter
And never greet a day
Without love in my heart

From my grandmother
I learned to
Be independent
And that the only barrier
To what I will do is me
And my creativity

From my grandmother
I learned to
Never stop learning
The art of substitution
To wing it when I don’t
Have any answers at all

From my grandmother
I learned to
Make everyone family
To find the treasure
In each experience
Wherever I am

Pure Joy

There is pure joy
In watching my daughter 
Decide that she believes
In the same Jesus
Who lives inside of me
To see her get up
And though she scared
In her own words
She said “my stomach
Feels real weird”
Yet she stood
Excited and ready
In the water and nodded
That she’s asked Jesus
To live inside her
And dedicated her life
To a life with Him
Serving God
The very One who
Death could not keep
It could not conquer 
It has no claim on Him
For today is Easter
And my daughter 
Got baptized
And He is risen
He is risen indeed
As my heart overflows
Today, this Easter

With pure joy 


The robe was a bit too long.

Still in Love

I asked Christ to
Always stay with me
When I was five years old
And He has
Don’t get me wrong,
We’ve had our rough patches
I’ve spent a lot of time
Running away
But He’s inside me
It was like trying to run
From my own brain
Not going to happen
After thirty-one years
Many of them hard ones,
I’m still in love
With my Jesus
And after fourteen years
Of marriage, one look
Into my husband’s eyes
Still melts me
My life with God is a lot like that
And God knows me
From the inside out
And I’m amazed
He never ran screaming from me
I know what I’m like inside
And there is no reason
He should still love me,
But He does
And I still love Him

My First Valentine

No arrows needed
No Cupid here
Just a short conversation
And acceptance needed
To unlock the door
To overwhelming love
A completeness so deep
It goes beyond words
Not candy or flowers
Something more better
Than all the chocolate
In the world
This thing is the love
Of my first Valentine
His name is Jesus
And He lives in my heart
I asked Him to stay there
To never leave me alone
To fill me with love
And wrap me in His arms
No greater gift
Have I ever received
Than my Jesus,
My first Valentine
Always loving me