Pastors are like farmers,
They plant Jesus seeds.
Some of their words
Fall on ears that are closed.
Some on ears that hear,
But the words evaporate,
They didn’t last.
Some who hear
Remember just fine,
But life’s struggles
Choke the life out of them.
Other times, the words are heard
Not just that, but then,
They are repeated
Carried far beyond
The pastor’s reach
To places where they
Wouldn’t otherwise be heard
Those are the plants that produce fruit

Matthew 13:3-9


Three Words

I love you,
Three little words
Misused a lot
Not used enough

I love you
Sometimes gets thrown about
But when it’s genuinely said
It’s power abounds

Three words that can heal
Three words that contain
A meaning much greater
Than every other phrase

I want you to know,
If its the last thing I do
These are my three words
I love you