In Your Hands

I put my hurt, my pain
In Your hands, Lord
I’m in Your hands, Lord

I put my need for healing
In Your hands, Lord
I’m in Your hands, Lord

All that I am, all I’ll be
Is in Your hands, Lord
I’m in Your hands, Lord

When the world rises up
Chewing on me
Filling the air
So I cannot breathe

That’s when I jump into the air
And I land wholly
In Your hands, Lord
I’m in Your hands, Lord

Forever and always
I belong to You
My life is firmly and completely
In the hands of God

Forever and always,
In Your hands, Lord
I’m in Your hands, Lord


Hope is this thing we all need
That can’t be brushed off
Or washed away
It can’t be taken
By another person
Because hope comes
From within, not from outside
And hope is completely contagious
Hope will carry is forward
When all other things are lost
When logic says to quit
And everyone says
It’s time to surrender
Hope is the crazy,
Often stupid seeming thing
That propels us on
When all seems lost
Hope is essential to life
And if you still draw breath,
There is hope inside of you.


What are we doing
Running around
Labeling and judging
One another
Stop it, fellow Christians
There is only one judge
And that is Jesus
We have neither the right
Nor the authority
To examine each others’ hearts
That’s not our job
We’re here to love
And to bring glory to Christ
That’s our job.
Judgement belongs
Only to the Lord.


Agreement, alignment
Together for a single purpose
That has a power
To get things done
That can’t be done alone

I align myself
In agreement with
The One Who made
The entire universe
Out of nothing

God’s plan is the one
I agree with
I set my feet on
It is the only
Path for me

Put me in
Full agreement
Only with God’s
Purpose and plan
I agree with Him
Only with Him


Like pull-apart cake,
The evil one comes in
Seeking division
Done by subtlety
It’s disguised as agreement
Disguised as many things
It comes in like water
Dripping into cracks
In solid rock
Freezing at night
Widening the fissure
Sheered off little by little
Until the rock breaks
And the damage is done
People are not rocks
And cracks in us
Can be healed
Can be forgiven
That is why Jesus came
Why He died
Why He rose
From the grave
To heal the ultimate division
Between humans and God
Division is healed
With God, the rocks
Never break