To Be Seen

We live in a time where
What we do is who we are
We’re no longer a society
Based on our family’s name
Okay, we still kind of are,
But, our actions, our words
Define the outward perception
Of who each of us is
At times that means
We all end up feeling
Like a list of labels
Others put on us
And at the same time
Feel like all anyone can see
Is just the list
And inside, we each scream
When will they just see me
Just us, for who we are
Not one thing we did
But, all of who we are
To be seen without label


The pictures don’t do it justice
The beauty of this wild place
I know this place
Of rock and tree
And towering waterfalls
I rests within me
Close to my heart
Under the skin the winds caress
I hold it fast
As I would a lover
But, it is both deeper
And more mysterious
A thing than love,
My connection to this place
Though I do not live here,
Yosemite is home
It is a healing balm
For my soul
A place crafted
By the Creator’s Hands

Ecc 4:9, 9:4


There are those who seek
To make things better
To protect others
To serve and do good
Not out of a desire
To fulfill their agenda

There are those who seek
To make things better
For a profit and only
For their own gain
Only to promote
Their own agenda

What kind of life
Do you lead?
What motivation
Is your own?
Is it for you
Or for everyone?

What kind of legacy
Is the one you want
To leave behind
When you are gone?
Which legacy
Will be yours?


Make Your words
Echo out of me
Make Your promises
Where I dwell
Bring out the love
You pour into me
Live out the plans
You’ve made for me
Guide my steps
We’ll walk together
Without You
I got nothing
Fill my dreams
With Your purposes
And my waking
With Your plans
You know how
You made me
Wired for a purpose
Let’s do this,
I’m ready, God.

Because Grace

I haven’t been myself
Because I’ve been trying
To do things by myself
And I guarantee I’ve found
The path to insanity
I’ve ignored completely
The grace God’s given me
And I’ve blown it
Taken grace for granted
And I’m done with that
God, remind me of Your grace
And let me just scream out
That without Your grace,
Nothing anyone ever sees me do
Would ever happen
Because, in everything I do
It’s God doing it in me
It’s by His grace
And for His glory
From His love
And nothing else.