This Crazy World

I don’t understand
All that much about
The reality that is our
Current climate
In our country
What am I to do?
How do I fit in?
What is my role?
How can I help?
The truth is so simple
When it slapped
Me in my face
I didn’t get it
I didn’t understand
At first, but then I
Saw the beauty and
How simple it is
I’ll just do what I’ve done
Most of my life
I’m going to get on my knees
And close my eyes
And pray to God
That I can love
With His heart
Pouring out
The kind of love
That doesn’t judge
A love that says
You are worthy of
The greatest love
That takes you as you are
No judgement,
Just you right there
Being you because
You are incredible
And amazing
And totally valuable
And worthy of
Shining as you are
A unique person
Full of gifts and beauty
And a life meant
Only for you to live
To leave an impact
That only you can make
You are amazing
And that’s the set of eyes
I want to see with
And that’s the love
I want to live with
And that’s the answer
I will give for what
I’m gonna do
In this crazy world

The Thief

Hidden, deceived
Lulled into a false
Sense of security
That is when it’s easiest
For the thief to come in
And take all he wants
Slipping in and out
In the darkness
Leaving no trace behind
Even better to make
You think you never
Had the thing he took
In the first place
Like it was never yours
And to think you had it
Well what’s it matter
Any way, it’s replaceable
As everything in society
Is these days


When the Holy Spirit
Pushes on my heart
There are light nudges
And full on pushes
And everything in between
Over the years since
I invited Jesus in
And the Holy Spirit
Moved into the place
Inside me that is
Just for Him
I’ve responded differently
Each time, but learned
The best thing I can do
Is move as soon
As I get nudged
Because I’ve seen
Crazy things
God has done
When I respond
To His nudge
Especially if I move
Before I have a chance
To let fear and doubt
Cloud my trust
Blinding me
To the doors God
Has standing open
Making the path clear
If I’ll just move
To His nudge