Voices Raised

Voices raised

Joined together in song

A melody of praise

Languages blending

Words enmeshed

Creating a harmony

Of praise glorifying

The name and fame

Our Father God in Heaven

A melodic tapestry

Of woven praise

Acoustic echoes

Of God’s enduring love

Testifying to how great

Our God is


To Know Him

I want to know God
Not of Him
Or about Him
I want to know Him intimately

From the inside out
Starting in my heart
I want to know God
Through and through

In the deepest recesses
Of my soul and mind
I want my thoughts, my desires
Laid out for Him

I want to be known
By You, God intimately
Through and through
I want to really know You

What is Joy

What is joy?
What is love,
But that Jesus came down
He is God’s only son

A promise to us
Of love and hope
Through Him we’re cleansed
Our sin are all erased

For there is joy Greater
Than any fleeting happiness
A love so overflowing
Nothing can extinguish my joy

I have Christ in my heart
His joy fills my veins
Every beat pumps Jesus into me
And I am filled with joy

Everlasting, overflowing
Joy fills my soul
Unwavering, redeeming joy
Joy in my Jesus


The provision of God
Doesn’t come from me
It comes only from God
That seems like such
A simple thing
To remember, however
That’s not as easy
As it would seem
I want to rely on me
And that just doesn’t work
I need my Father
Who walks this life
Every step of the way
I need His provision
I need to remember
The provision of God
Doesn’t come from me
It comes only from God

For Control

There isn’t one thing
That the God Who made us all
Can’t handle, take care of
Why am I wrestling
For control with the One
Who wrote my Name
In His book of life
Who spoke the world
Into existence in a void
That held nothing until
He decided to set it there
He can handle the things
Both big and small
That will come into my life
Which is a mote of dust
In the spectrum of time
Yet I wrestle with God
For control of my life?
Like I can handle it
Better than the One
Who made me who I am
I don’t think so,
That’s completely stupid
God, I put this mote
Of my life in Your hands
You take control
Determine where it goes
You made me
You know me
You’re the God
Who made us all