An Unlikely Way

To the shepherds
Out in the fields
Angels appeared
To learn the joy had come
In the form of a baby
Helpless and alone
Tiny, defenseless
Not even born
Inside the home
This unlikely child
In an unlikely place
Was born to save
The entire human race
This tiny baby boy
Seemed as unlikely
As it comes
To be the Father’s
One and only Son
He was born God in the flesh
Humbled to a helpless babe
Jesus is His name
Such an unlikely way
To change the whole world
Bringing a promise of life
In such an unlikely way


People Are Like Toilet Paper

People are like toilet paper
They’re everywhere
They take many forms
Some are rough, unrefined
Some are natural, more leaves
Than a paper products
Some are perfumed and colorful
Some are soft and quilted
Designs or not
Rolls or squares
Biodegradable or reusable
Natural or engineered,
They all are destined to deal
With the end of something
With the dark things that
Get real and dirty fast
The amount of filthy
Each deals with is different,
But each person has
Some kind of crap they
Have to deal with
And no matter what
We’re all in this big flush
As one people
No matter how we present
Ourselves, in the end,
We carry out our purpose
And end the same way
It’s gross, but comforting
Because we are all in this together
Not one of us is alone
In the crap that will
Eventually fill our lives

To Know Him

I want to know God
Not of Him
Or about Him
I want to know Him intimately

From the inside out
Starting in my heart
I want to know God
Through and through

In the deepest recesses
Of my soul and mind
I want my thoughts, my desires
Laid out for Him

I want to be known
By You, God intimately
Through and through
I want to really know You

My Disease

Let my disease
Be one of gratitude
My greatest symptom
Be thankfulness
Let my disease
Spread like wildfire
Let whole world
Become infected
Let the earth ring
With the sound
Of everyone rejoicing
With graciousness
Let us spread thanksgiving
Let the whole world be
Forever infected
By my disease
My gracious disease