Relentless Love

No matter how awful

I act or I feel

In my worst moment

At my lowest point

And at my highest

There is this love

I can’t begin to understand

That surrounds me

And fills me up

Pursues me relentlessly

No matter what I do

No matter where I am

No matter how I’m doing

My God loves me

Relentlessly, He loves me

No matter what

Nothing dissuades

His relentless love

Messy Disaster

Messy disaster

Of a human life

That is how it feels

From time to time

To slog through

From day to day

Just trying

To survive

What kind

Of life is that?

Who wants to live

A life filled

Only with fret

Pain, disaster

Hardship and stress

What kind of

Life is that?

Guess what,

It’s not all there is

There is life

Meant to be lived

Filled with love

Beyond imagining

Waiting for you

In the embrace

Of the God

Who made you

Messy disasters,

That isn’t all there is

To this human life

Built Up

All the things I built

Up around me

To display my might

And show my strength

Are like dust

Collapsing scaffolding

When disaster rises up

Wipes them away

So far beyond rebuilding

That I am left stripped down

To nothing, completely exposed

And there is nothing around

I can rebuild myself with

Some call that my

Weakest moment

I call it my most honest

When I have no choice

But to admit that I

Need help, can’t do life

All on my own

I need something

Much bigger than me

And so much wiser

I need a strength

That is not my own

That is the moment

Many feel most alone,

But I don’t

For me, it is the time when

I know my God is so close

He is within me and

All around

Making sure I am

Never alone

He fills me up

Sustains me

With so much greater

Than anything I ever

Called my own

God is my strength

He builds me new

From the ground up

Until I am a new creation

Built up relying only on God

Voices Raised

Voices raised

Joined together in song

A melody of praise

Languages blending

Words enmeshed

Creating a harmony

Of praise glorifying

The name and fame

Our Father God in Heaven

A melodic tapestry

Of woven praise

Acoustic echoes

Of God’s enduring love

Testifying to how great

Our God is

To Know Him

I want to know God
Not of Him
Or about Him
I want to know Him intimately

From the inside out
Starting in my heart
I want to know God
Through and through

In the deepest recesses
Of my soul and mind
I want my thoughts, my desires
Laid out for Him

I want to be known
By You, God intimately
Through and through
I want to really know You

What is Joy

What is joy?
What is love,
But that Jesus came down
He is God’s only son

A promise to us
Of love and hope
Through Him we’re cleansed
Our sin are all erased

For there is joy Greater
Than any fleeting happiness
A love so overflowing
Nothing can extinguish my joy

I have Christ in my heart
His joy fills my veins
Every beat pumps Jesus into me
And I am filled with joy

Everlasting, overflowing
Joy fills my soul
Unwavering, redeeming joy
Joy in my Jesus


The provision of God
Doesn’t come from me
It comes only from God
That seems like such
A simple thing
To remember, however
That’s not as easy
As it would seem
I want to rely on me
And that just doesn’t work
I need my Father
Who walks this life
Every step of the way
I need His provision
I need to remember
The provision of God
Doesn’t come from me
It comes only from God