I carry the fears
Hard wired into me
Of a person who walks
Through life all alone

I’ve learned and now know
I walk through life
With God in my
I never walk alone

Those fears wired in
Fight against what I know
And I have to keep
Giving it up to God

Fear cripples and binds
God frees and strengthens
And it is God in me
Who wins every time

This is a struggle that ends
After my last breath
When I shed the wiring
To join God forever in Heaven

Not One

There isn’t one thing
Hidden from the eyes of God
There isn’t a depth of filth
God won’t clean off
There is not one person
God won’t take
Just as they are
And accept them as His child
If they will only ask
And show that they believe
And have faith in Him
Not one thing
Is too much or too big
For God to forgive
For God’s grace
To nullify it
For God’s love
To enfold them
And carry them to Him
Because there isn’t
One thing God doesn’t know
There isn’t one thing
Hidden from the eyes of God
There is not one person
God won’t take
Just as they are
And accept them as His child


Butterflies are beautiful
They never wonder
At the patterns on their wings
And probably never notice
How decorative their
Gorgeous camouflage
Is to human eyes

In this same way,
We humans miss so much
Looking at ourselves
Through only human eyes
We miss so much
That is beautiful

But, there is a way
To see so much more
Bow your head and ask
To see with God’s eyes
Through the lenses
Of the Author there
Is so much more to see


I struggle hardest against
My own flesh
Harder than I will ever
Have to fight
An external foe
For my flesh,
My human nature
That which tells me
To run from my fears
Which would have me
Find what feels right
Ignoring doing what
I know is right
And chasing after
A life path that looks
So much easier
So much more fun
So much more comfortable
My human nature
Would have me
Fling myself at that path
And give up the struggle
That comes with commitments
That I must honor
And must follow through with
Because they are made for me
And I took them on
And they have taken much
So much from me
But, for all they have taken,
I can resist the urge to
Move on and give up
Before God has released me
From my time with them
Because they have poured
More back into me
Than what they took
Defying the theory
Of relativity by making more
Than we ever started with
And God pours more in
Than could ever be measured
In human terms
Yet, I will struggle on
And I will not give up
Even when I fail
Because God will
Pick me up
When I can’t do it
And even when I can
Because God doesn’t sit around
Waiting for me to ask
Or to struggle
With my flesh
He moves always
Ever with me
Always inside
And around me
And He always will
Even when this life is over
And I’m freed of my flesh
And it’s struggle
To go Home with Christ
Freed from my
Hardest struggle

Turned Gray

Never forget the day
When hate flew planes
And crashed them
Into the towers
When we all stood in shock
When the world saw
Terrorists commit murder
In New York City

Never forget how
We all drew together
Covered in the same dust
When we all turned gray
When we all sat in shock
When we stood together
United in our grief

Never forget,
No matter how we feel
How we agree or disagree
We are one country
No matter our differences
In a heartbeat,
In a single moment
We may all turn gray