Little Quiet Things

It’s not the out loud
And the big things
That shift the tide
Of a life that
Was crashing on the rocks
Oh no, not at all
It’s the extra fries
You gave away
It’s the hug you gave
The moment you
Stopped to pray
With a hurting soul
You don’t know at all
Or the moment you took
To connect and be
With a friend who is
Having a hard time
Finding enough space
So that they can breathe
Or walking alongside
When it’s dark
In someone’s life
Making sure they know
That they do not walk
Through the hurt
And pain all alone
It’s little quiet things
That change the world


Life Uncurled

Guilt and shame curl me in
A rollie-pollie trying
To protect myself
An armadillo threatened
Trying to armor,
To protect myself
Guilt and shame are not
Any kind of motivation
They are the fallen products
Not something I’m
Made to handle
Or carry around
Inside of me
They are poison
To my desire and motivation
They use me up
Tearing me apart
Shame is just
The very voice
Of pure evil from hell
God, shed my guilt
Heal my shame
Draw me out
Of my fetal position
Be my armor, Lord
Help me understand
A life where I walk
Free of guilt
Free of shame
A life lived free
Where I uncurl
Shame no longer
Part of who I am
To live a life uncurled

Stubborn, Jealous Love

It is a stubborn
Jealous love that
Doesn’t ever give
Up on me
No never lets me go
Never pushes me away
Or let’s me get
Out of sight or reach
My Father’s love
Never lets go of me
I didn’t earn it
It’s nothing I deserve
It’s love that I can’t
Really understand
God’s stubborn, jealous love
Just wants all of me
Just the way I am
Held tight in the arms of God
Loved no matter what
By the holy love of God
His stubborn, jealous love
Never lets me go

Thoughts and Prayers

What I mean when I say
Thoughts and prayers
Are going out to a tragedy
Is that my mind is in shock
Trying to take in the pain
Process the events
That stopped our nation cold
Froze an entire country
In a moment of fear, of terror
Because I can’t get
What happened out of my mind
Because I wish I was there
Doing something to help
By prayers I mean
That I’m crying out
With my entire being
To the God Who never
Leaves me alone
In any circumstance
A lot of people think
That thoughts and prayers
Are weakness or
A disingenuous response
That absolves me of
Any action or responsibilities
But you don’t understand
That I don’t move unless
I’m moving according to God’s plan
So I huddle up with
My Heavenly Father
And I cry out to Him
Telling Him what’s the matter
Asking what I can do
If anything at all
But more important,
I pray for Him to go
And be with those
In utter crisis
Because all I have
Is one pair of human hands
That do their best work
Folded together asking God
To use His hands
To do more than
Anything I ever can
So I move to my knees
With thoughts and prayers

Can Do

I can do more
I can try harder
I can be greater
Oh wait, no I can’t
There is nothing
I have to offer
More than me
And what God
Can do with that
What you see
Is not me
But it is God
Working through
These hands He
Put on me
They are His
To command
Let it be that
Whoever sees me
Sees that it’s
Not me doing things
Be the all
In what I do, God
Here I am, God,
Do what You do
Let it bring
Glory to You

Circles the World

I can’t fix the world
Can’t change it at all
I can do things
For one person
Maybe two
And they can do
The very same things
For a couple people
And on and on it goes
Until we all reach a few
And that love and kindness
Comes back around
Until it touches me too
That’s how we change
The whole world
With loving kindness
One small way
One person at a time
Until it circles the world